6 Running Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Running is a great way to get fit and remain healthy. However, it is also an exercise that causes various injuries. Some of the injuries are minor like blisters, but you could damage the knee and ankle joints. It’s important to follow some safety tips and avoid the numerous mistakes. Here are six running mistakes you are probably making without realising.

Not Wearing the Right Shoes

You need to get a pair of running shoes designed for running, and designed for your feet. There are so many pairs and you want to save money. However, it is worth spending extra.

You are not just paying for the name. The money goes towards comfort, fit and durability. Invest in a running test to see how your weight shifts on your feet to make sure your running shoes fit perfectly and support your joints.

Failing to Warm Up

Instead of warming up and stretching, you jump straight into your long distance run.

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. When you don’t warm up, you run the risk of more injuries. Tearing ligaments and muscles is common because the body is not ready for the running. Warming up helps to ensure the muscles and ligaments are flexible like elastic bands.

Not Breathing Properly

It seems like a strange mistake, but this will affect the effort that you can put in and the benefits you gain. You need to develop a breathing pattern that works for you.

Some people prefer to breathe in for four steps and out for two, while others prefer breathing in for three and out for three. It all depends on the amount of capacity your lungs can take and what you find easier to handle. Once you get your breathing right, you will find the running much easier.

Pushing Yourself Too Much Too Quickly

Yes, there is some truth in the saying “no pain, no gain.” However, pushing yourself too much, too quickly can lead to injuries. Your body needs to build up the stamina and capabilities.

Don’t try to complete a marathon on your first day. If you’ve never run in the past, you need to start with a mile and work your way up from there. The same applies to speed. Don’t try and run too quickly from the start.

Not Relaxing

Don’t forget to relax while you run. Many runners keep the stress in their shoulders and upper back but this causes pain and can lead to injury.

It’s best to let your arms move to push yourself more. You’ll also burn more calories!

Not Drinking Enough

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. While you don’t want to drink too much right before your run, you need to drink plenty afterwards.

You’ll need more than the recommended eight glasses a day because your body will sweat a lot of it out. Try not to drink it too quickly afterwards. This can lead to vomiting and digestive problems.

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