6 Things All Introverts Need You to Know

If you know an introvert, you may be used to his or her actions throughout the day. However, there are certain aspects of their lives that they don’t let you into. They’re not sure how to get their point across, and their personality style doesn’t really allow them to speak out. Here are six things introverts really need you to know, and hope that you will understand.

Crowds Are Not a Favourite

Introverts hate crowds. They have to be sociable and confident; two things they are likely not. It doesn’t even need to be big crowds! Just a room of six people or so can lead to feeling dizzy and cause a drop in their moods.

They like to be on their own now and then, and enjoy solitude for a few hours at a time.

Small-Talk Isn’t Easy or Fun

Asking about the weather or talking about their day isn’t something they want to do.

Small-talk doesn’t come easy to an introvert, and it isn’t fun to do either! This is why certain types of events are difficult for them. They may not be able to handle cocktail parties without the awkward silences in between.

They Like Living Online

Online is a great way for introverts to meet people. There is no need to physically get out and network.

They get to hide behind a computer screen, where they have time to think about what they say and the arguments they put across. This isn’t being anti-social. It is simply working towards their personality traits.

They Prefer to Write Things Down

Introverts are not likely to put their feelings across in words. This is a major thing for them, and can lead to anxiety. Their preferred way of communicating is through words. They may prefer to send an email or a text to arrange a meet-up.

They could prefer to rant on Facebook than to the face of the person who has done something. Please understand that writing things down helps them get their feelings across just as effectively as speaking.

Networking Isn’t Something They Want to Do

Networking events mean doing a few of their least favourite things at the same time. They need to deal with crowds, talk to people face-to-face and make small-talk.

None of this is fun to an introvert, and he or she would often prefer to crawl under a rock. Networking online on the other hand will be much easier to deal with, and can be a fun time.

They Not Shy People

At no point does being an introvert make someone shy. They may not like talking to someone face-to-face, but they can still hold their own in a forum, through an email or even in a text battle. Introverts are also not rude because they like to spend time alone.

They need this alone time to be able to recharge and get ready for the next networking event or crowd they need to face. They also need the time to recover from the last experience.

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