6 Superfoods All Dieters Need in the House

As a dieter, you hear all the time about the foods you need to avoid. However, there are certain superfoods that you need to have in the home. These foods not only help with weight loss, but offer your body the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. Here are the six superfoods all dieters need to have in the house.

The Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens such as spinach and lettuce are excellent for weight loss and health. They are full of iron, which helps to reduce the chance of anemia. Anemia can cause issues with weight loss.

Your energy levels drop, and you start looking for a quick fix. This is not something you need to happen when you’re trying to cut the calories and drop the dress sizes!

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are excellent for weight loss. They give foods that sweet taste that you often crave throughout the day.

The best thing is the sweetness isn’t going to throw your diet completely off, and the fibre in the fruits actually help to keep your digestive system and metabolism working. These fruits are also full of various vitamins, including vitamin C, that the body needs.

Red Bell Peppers

Any peppers are good for you, but red bell peppers are full of vitamin C. You just need one and you’ll have over 100 percent of the recommended daily amount!

They’re also great for weight loss because of the low number of calories, and are relatively sweet to snack on. They can be added to dishes, or you can keep them whole and stuff them for something a little different.

Plain Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent option for a diet, but low fat varieties are best. When you have yogurt, you get your calcium and dairy requirements. However, it also works well for a variety of dishes.

You can have it with fruit on a morning for a delicious breakfast, or add it to your soups to make them a little creamier. They also work wonderful on their own for a snack or can be turned into hummus or another type of dip for your vegetable sticks.


Garlic may not seem like the best thing due to the smell, but it is great for boosting the metabolism.

By giving the metabolism a boost, you can help your body lose more weight in a shorter space of time. Garlic is also great for other health benefits, including fighting against cancer and aiding the immune system.

Any Type of Berry

Berries are great for weight loss, as well as the health. It doesn’t matter if you have strawberries, blackberries or blueberries, although the latter is more effective. These berries are sweet, which will give you that treat you love.

They also have large amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to boost weight loss capabilities, while fighting off free radicals that are known to cause cancer. They can also help to boost your energy levels so you feel like doing more.

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