6 Things to Check for When Looking Into Childcare Options

It’s time to go back to work, and that means putting your little one into some childcare option in your area. While it is daycare or an independent childminder, you need to find someone suitable for your specific needs. There are a few checks that you need to do while visiting and talking to the people who run the centres.

How Do They Help With Development

While talking to the minders or daycare owners, ask them about your child’s development. You want your baby to do more than just nap all the time.

What type of activities do they have? How do they help with learning numbers and writing? What is the playtime like to help with socialising with others?



What Happens When Children Are Naughty?

Children are naughty—and yours are too! You need to know that the centre helps to instil some discipline, so finding out what happens when children are naughty is essential.

Is there a naughty corner? Or are the innocent ones the ones who are told to move away to get away from the naughty child?

The Cleanliness of the Centre

While walking around, check for the cleanliness. The floors will get dirty throughout the day, but look to see if there are any signs of cleaning up afterwards.

This is really important for the tables that are usually used for eating, painting, drawing, baking and everything else the centre is likely to put on. While some germs are okay, you don’t want paint getting into the food your little one will make.


Safety Levels Around the Centre

Your child’s safety has to come first. If you can’t see anything about the safety while looking around, don’t be afraid to ask about it. Most centres will now have codes or cards to swipe to get into the front door to stop strangers walking in and taking children.

Others will have pass codes the whole way around the centre to help keep the little ones protected. You also need to find out about safety while they’re on outings.

Is a Routine Developed?

You need to develop a routine for them at home, so you need to find out how the centre will help you with that. Some centres have their own routines that the little ones need to follow.

Others will work with you to suit the already developed routine when it comes to naps. You can also stipulate if you want them to limit the napping your baby does during the day.



Compassionate and Caring Staff

You want the best for your children, and that comes down to the staff who will be there all the time. You need to make sure the staff want to be there for your little ones, and are compassionate when there is an issue.

This is something you can spot when looking around the centre, as you will see the staff members interacting with the children on a one-to-one and group level.


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