Core Strengthening- A Woman’s Best Friend

Women have special work out needs. We need to focus on particular zones when we are exercising. One of the best way to offset aging is through core strengthening exercises. Core strengthening exercises can help with balance and keep achy backs at bay!

There are a few low impact type exercises you can do to strengthen your core if you are new to exercising or you are tired of doing crunches.

Have a Seat

A simple core strengthening exercise involves sitting down and “rope climbing” with an imaginary rope. Sit straight with your legs straight out and your feet turned out slightly to form a little V shape.

Start climbing. Reach your arms up as if you were climbing a rope slightly twisting your body as you reach and pull with your arms. This will help to strengthen your core and your back muscles.

Whether you are toting groceries or a toddler this exercise will help you avoid lower back injuries.




This is a bit harder but it works wonders on your core. Assume the planking position. That is get ready to do a push up, pull your belly button up toward your back and hold for a count of 5. You can repeat this for as many as 10 reps the first time out than add on additional reps as you go.

If you want to change things up and had another level of difficulty while planking pull one leg at a time up knee first toward your chest. This is best tried after you have been working out for a few weeks.

Planking improves core strength and balance.

Yoga Poses

Yoga is one of the kindest things you can do for your body. Yoga elongates all the muscles and can get you fit including strengthening your core with low impact body friendly exercises. These stretching exercises are an ancient form of exercise that compliments the yoga lifestyle and belief system.

Several yoga poses are especially good for the core. Cat Stretches are a great way to get started. Get on all fours and arch your back (like a cat does) hold it than release. Repeat several times to loosen up your back muscles.

From your hands and knees position wait to feel stable than slowly lift your right leg straight out with your foot flexed pointing down, than lift your left arm straight out and hold the pose for a count of 10, switch sides and do it with the left leg lifted and the right arm extended and hold for a count of 10.

This pose helps with balance and strength.



The V Sit

This one is a bit difficult at first but don’t give up. Sit on the floor and hold your legs straight out and slowly raise them. The goal is that eventually your body will form a V shape when you do the exercise.

Give yourself time to accomplish this exercise if you are out of shape. Try each day to bring your legs close to your chest while they are held straight out!

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