Energy Drinks Are Bad for Your Health – But Why?

Harmful effects of energy drinks have been shown by numerous studies, so they are not just some cheap marketing trick against the manufacturers. Nevertheless, it seems that many people – including teens and students – are still not interested in the dangers.

The original goal

Energy drinks were originally developed to provide immediate energy to the heavy physical exertion. In contrast, nowadays many people are using them to wake up in the morning, or staying awake longer in the evening.

It is still a better case compared to those who simply drink them instead of water. In view of the original purpose it’s obvious that these drinks are not used correctly these days, and this can lead to many adverse effects.



The most common problems

The high caffeine content of energy drinks leads to heart problems, such as significantly increased blood pressure, which is extremely dangerous for your health.

Energy drinks give you energy – what a surprise – so if you don’t use it up, pounds come unnoticed.

Especially, then they are consumed on a daily basis. Moreover, energy drinks virtually block the metabolism, which in turn leads to an accumulation of toxins.

Energy drinks and alcohol

The cans and bottles are marked with the warning that these shouldn’t be combined with alcoholic drinks. But many people don’t care about it.

Unfortunately, alcoholic and energy drinks together have other, more serious adverse effects, for example stronger hangover, loss of consciousness, or even a heart attack.



Effects on mind and body

Your body feels that it didn’t use up a lot of energy that you took in. As a result, you won’t be fresh, but tense and nervous. These drinks can promote the development of mood swings and depression.

Energy drinks provide the desired effect only if they are not used regularly. Otherwise not only your body, but your mind will suffer from the excessive consumption.


Not only alcohol can cause poisoning, and not only drugs can be overdosed. Yes, it may happen in the case of energy drinks which is why it is very important to draw children’s attention to this as well.

If large quantities of energy drink are consumed, that speeds up the heart rate significantly and reddens the skin, seek medical help immediately!



Excessive drinking

If you are a huge energy drink fan for ages, you may have developed a serious sugar and caffeine addiction.

This combination weakens the heart muscle, which may trigger a premature shutdown of this vital organ. In addition, other major negative impact is the extra strain on the kidneys.

Energy drinks increase the formation of kidney stones, which is not a painless problem. The immune system can be weakened as well, so you’re much more prone to catch diseases. Is it worth it?

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