Unique Family Christmas Card Ideas

There is still time to sort out your personalised Christmas cards. These are great to add something unique and different to them, whether you’re sending them to friends or family members. You can make them on your computer and email them out or print them on some quality card to mail and giv out. Here are some great ideas for your personalised Christmas cards.

The Family Photo with a Twist

Get the family to dress up with a Christmas twist. You could have a Santa’s workshop idea, or you may want to use the Nativity scene.

You could have different shots taken and make a card with all of them. It’s a great way to show that you are all in the festive spirit and you can’t wait for Christmas Day to come.


Personalise It for the Recipient

Instead of personalising it to your family, personalise it to the person receiving it. You could have a picture of something that resembles them, or a Photoshopped picture that you took of them to get them in the Christmas spirit.

If you want to make it more private, include a small message on the inside of the card and keep the front plain for the season.

Get the Children to Draw Something

Nothing says unique and personal like homemade cards. Instead of printing out designs and making them yourself, you could consider getting your kids to draw on the cards instead.

Even if they are too young to know how to colour in the lines, they can still have fun. These are perfect for members of the family or for those friends who are very close to you.


Have the Happy Family Shot

If you don’t fancy dressing up, you can still do the happy family personalised shot. You could use a photo taken professionally or include one from when you were away on vacation.

You may even want to use a photo from last Christmas to start getting in the festive cheer. This is great for those who live far away and don’t get to see your family as much.

The Christmas Present Cards

Create a card that has two layers. The top layer has presents that open as windows—similar to chocolate advent calendars—and the second layer has a personalised message or photo underneath.

You could get this ready for next Christmas and create an advent card, or you could instruct the recipient to open a window a day for the 12 days of Christmas, and have a special message on each day.


A Picture of Your Area

If your area is notorious for Christmas decorations or the perfect winter weather, you could use this as your personalised Christmas card. This is perfect when sending to people who live out of the area, whether they are friends or family members.

You could always add a message to make it personally from you. You can buy these types of cards in most areas but taking your own adds that personal touch much more.

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