Lose Weight With These Foods

Would you like to lose weight quickly and effectively? While you know it’s your diet that needs to change, it’s also the specific type of foods eaten. You need to focus on foods that will help to give your metabolism a boost, while giving your body all the nutrients it needs. Here are six foods you really need to add into your diet to lose weight.

Have a Morning Treat

Recent studies have shown that those who have a morning treat, such as a donut or cake, really do lose weight quicker than those who do not.

You will still need a protein-packed breakfast first, and you need to limit the size of your treat. Just one donut is enough to make the most of this weight loss trick!

Eat Nuts With Your Cereal

Whether you enjoy porridge on a morning or decide to have a bowl of bran flakes, you need to add some nuts to it. The nuts are much harder for your body to digest, which means you feel much fuller for longer.

You won’t feel the need to snack with your 11am cup of tea, and if you do you only want something light like a piece of fruit. Just think of the amount of calories you’re instantly reducing in your intake in a day!

Have a Cup or Two of Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants, which help to boost the immune system and the metabolism.

Just one or two cups a day can help boost your weight loss efforts ten-fold. There are many flavours of green tea available, so it is time to make the switch right now. It’s also lower in caffeine, making it perfect for those who need a slight wake-up call but want to keep the downsides of the stimulant to a minimum.

A Cup and Half of Milk

It’s time to boost your milk intake. Contrary to popular belief, more milk is actually better for your weight loss. This is due to the vitamin D intake.

This vitamin improves your body’s bone density and ability to absorb calcium, which in turn helps to boost your metabolic rate. That leads to you losing much more weight than someone who only drinks half a cup of milk.

Leafy Greens and Salads

Wondering what to eat for your lunch? It’s time to skip the sandwiches and have a salad instead.

Salads, especially those with leafy greens, are harder to eat. It will usually take you 20 minutes, and that gives your stomach the time to tell your brain that you are full. Most other foods are consumed within 10 minutes. Leafy greens are also nutrient-packed and make you feel fuller for longer.

Melon and Bananas

Melons, bananas and other foods that have large potassium counts are something you need to add to your diet.

The potassium helps to limit your water retention, and give you the impression that you’re losing more weight. It also helps to stop the bloated feeling, so you want to do more and eat healthily.

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