6 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Pregnancy Shoes

When you’re pregnant, being comfortable is a major issue. You need to think about everything, from your clothes to where to sit down. Have you even thought about the things you wear on your feet? You really need to consider whether those heels are a good idea, or whether the amazing looking flats really will be comfortable as your feet swell. Here are six tips for choosing the perfect pregnancy shoes.

What Do You Usually Wear?

Think about the type of shoes you usually like to wear or the ones that you usually find uncomfortable. If heels are not your thing when you’re not pregnant, they are not going to be while you are pregnant.

You’re putting much more pressure on your feet, and your centre of gravity will be off. Stop trying to impress with your heels, and opt for shoes that are super comfortable and fit perfectly.

Be Sensible In Your Current Abilities

You may love stilettos and wear them all the time, but think about your centre of gravity and current abilities.

Also think about the distance from the ground, and the risk that you’re putting on your unborn baby. There are plenty of other cute, stylish and comfortable shoes available. Switch out the stilettos for a pair of wedges for now.

Think About the Swelling

Your feet will swell during your pregnancy. Some women find it happens less than others. There are aspects like the time you’re on your feet and any medical issues during your pregnancy.

However, you really want to think about the chances of swelling when you’re picking your shoes. Look for options that are easier to slip into, and those that do not require tying or buckling over your feet.

Consider the Comfier Trends in the Market

The best trends are not just those that involve the 5-inch heels. There are plenty of comfier trends out there every single year.

It’s worth looking out for them. You could even save money, especially when you look for those that you can make yourself from the comfort of your home.

Do You Really Want the Latest Trends?

Are you really going to follow the latest trend? In a year’s time, the world will move on and a new type of shoe will be out. It’s worth ignoring the latest fashion trend and look for the stylish, consistent shoes.

These tend to be the flatter and comfier options, and those that you can adapt to work with current fashion trends.

What Are You Wearing With Them?

Think about your clothes. While you find the perfect stiletto shoes, if you’re in jeans or tracksuit bottoms right now, you will find that there is no need to buy them. Think about events that you have coming up, too.

Consider the amount you will be on your feet, and whether there is a need to get them right now. There could be many other options on the market that are much better for during pregnancy.

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