Soups to Help Cure A Cold Or the Flu

The old wives tale of chicken soup helping to get rid of a cold has been around for a long time. However, the fact is that soup can really help a person get over both a cold and the flu. Though before a woman goes to the grocery store prepared to buy out the soup aisle, here is more information on the 7 best soups to cure a cold and the flu.

Chicken soup:

Every woman who has ever been sick is often given a big pot of chicken soup to eat or has made the soup herself.

Though it may seem like an old wives tale, the truth is that there are a lot of ingredients in the soup that can help a body get rid of the invading germ.



Matzo ball:

Matzo ball soup is a famous Jewish soup, and has earned the reputation for being a great cure for the cold and flu.

The soup is made with chicken, and the Matzo ball part is basically an overgrown chicken dumpling that is the bonus part of the soup.

Tomato soup:

Tomato soup is made from tomatoes, which are full of vitamin C.

Combined with a grilled cheese sandwich, a woman can get comfort food that can also knock out that terrible cold and get her on the road back to good health.



Oxtail stew:

Stew is a thick soup that can really warm u the body on a chilly day. However, if that body is also full of the flu bug, then the

Oxtail stew can help with that as well. The ingredients in the stew combined with meat is going to be as antibiotic to the body as dose of penicillin, and no germ will stand a chance against it.

Hot and sour soup:

A popular Chinese soup, Hot and Sour is basically the Chinese version of chicken soup. However, there are two ingredients in this Chinese soup that give it more healing power than just plain chicken soup.

Hot and Sour is a little on the spicy side with chili pepper and ginger, but these two ingredients will help clear out the sinuses and also help a woman breathe a lot easier.



Butternut squash soup:

Butternut squash is typically a summer vegetable, but it can really help keep a woman healthy.

Butternut squash soup has a lot of vitamins in it, and one bowl of it can make a difference to a woman suffering from a cold or the flu.

Garlic and kale soup:

Garlic is a natural source of antibiotics, and when combined with kale, the health benefits of a bowl of this soup are endless. Kale looks a lot like lettuce, but it has a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

The fall and winter can be a time of people getting sick, so the best thing a woman can do is make a big pot of this soup, put it in freezer containers, and put it in the freezer so it can be eaten during the long winter months.

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