The Breakfast Habits That Are Ruining Your Diet

There are certain habits that will ruin your diet. It doesn’t matter how good you are the rest of the time, if you continue with the same habits you will just gain the weight back and possibly more. Breakfast is one of the worst areas for people looking to lose weight. Here are the main habits that are really ruining your diet.

Not Eating Anything

The morning is the time your body needs food. Your metabolism has slowed overnight because it has to wait longer for food, and your breakfast kick starts it again.

If you don’t eat breakfast, your metabolism remains slow, so you don’t burn as many calories as you should do. If you’re in a rush, make breakfast the night before ready for you or grab something you can eat on the go.



Relying on Juices

Do you drink juice on a morning with your food? You’ll be taking in more calories that you realise. Juices are full of additional ingredients and sugars.

Even if you make your own, you’re in a habit that is damaging to your weight loss efforts. Instead of pouring the juice, grab a piece of fruit to eat. Grapefruit is the perfect morning option.

Those Sugary Bars and Cereals

Porridge and wheat cereals are the best things for you. Those Rice Krispies, Cornflakes and other cereals are high in sugar and will lead to you gaining weight. They give you a lot of energy first thing in the morning, but they don’t keep you feeling full.

If you really want something sweet on a morning, add some honey or fresh fruit to your porridge or wheat flakes. You will soon feel the difference throughout the day and see the difference on the scales.


Those Muffins and Bagels

Bagels are great quick options, but they’re not great for the diet. There are a lot of additives put into these types of items. The best thing you can do is make your own with whole grain flours and ingredients.

Add fruits in them or eat them with some honey or peanut butter. If you can, drop them altogether and you will soon see a difference to your waist size.

Not Drinking Skimmed Milk

It may taste watery but it is so much better for your diet. Full fat dairy products have all the animal fats in, that then cause havoc in your body.

If you really don’t want the skimmed versions, there are now semi-skimmed and 1 percent options that are much better for you. Full fat also applies to other dairy products, specifically cheese and yogurts. Opt for the lighter varieties.


Your Delicious Lattes and Cappuccinos

Do you love your coffee on a morning? There are high chances they’re causing you to gain weight. Full fat milk is usually used and then you need to think about the sugars.

If you really can’t go without your coffee, have a regular Americano and add the milk yourself. If you want your latte order a skinny one to limit the damage.

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