Warning Signs You Could Have Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating problem for the patient and the family. The sooner you are diagnosed with it, the sooner you can try methods to prevent it from getting worse. However, to be diagnosed, you need to know the signs to look out for. Here are signs that you could have Alzheimer’s now.

Your Daily Life is Disrupted with Memory Loss

Forgetting your keys or your wallet is annoying, but it could be a sign that you’re suffering from this type of dementia. One of the first things to happen is your daily life being disrupted because of your memory loss. You may forget about upcoming events or the timing of appointments, you may forget about a loved one’s birthday, or you may even forget that you put your dinner in the oven.

Familiar Tasks Are Hard to Do

Do you struggle with doing even the most familiar and normal everyday tasks? This could be a sign that you’re suffering from dementia. The problem is when you start forgetting what you need to do to get the tasks done or the rules that you have to follow, even though you’ve been doing them all your life.

Planning the Simplest Thing Is Hard

This isn’t about planning a big birthday party. This is about planning for the smallest of things, such as creating your to-do list or remembering to pay the bills. Your short term memory is the first thing to go when you start suffering from Alzheimer’s, which is why this is so common. You may think that writing it down will help, but this isn’t always the case.

Struggling with Conversations

Another problem that dementia patients have is struggling with conversations. This is because they have trouble concentrating and remembering the track that they were on. You may find yourself getting to the middle of a sentence and suddenly stopping. You have no idea what you were saying or the point that you were trying to get across. You also have no idea what to say now to cover up the fact that you’ve forgotten.

Personal Grooming and Hygiene Is Forgotten About

You may find it difficult to remember about your personal hygiene and grooming. The tasks may seem too difficult or you just may generally forget that you haven’t done it. When you think about the last time you had a shower, brushed your teeth or even changed your clothes, you may struggle to come up with a date.

You Become More of a Recluse

It’s understandable that as you forget things, you don’t want to go anywhere. You may feel uncomfortable being around others or not confident enough to go out of the house. If you loved sport, you may struggle to follow your team. If you watched movies or TV shows, you may find it hard to follow the storyline. Becoming a recluse is a sign that you could be suffering from Alzheimer’s, especially when mixed with the other signs above.

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