The Food Combinations Not Good for the Digestive System

There are certain food combinations that are considered tasty and even healthy. For example, you may love some fruit on your porridge or enjoy potatoes with your lean meat. However, some of these food combinations are causing havoc on your digestive system and can cause to other health issues. Here are the ones to look out for.

Carbohydrates With Your Animal Protein

When you have animal protein, like meat, and carbs together, you are forcing your digestive system to break them down together.

However, the system needs to break both of these down separately, because it works in different ways. It’s time to skip on the mashed potatoes with your roast dinner and look for other alternatives.

Carbohydrates With Fruit

While fruit includes some carbs, they break down much quicker than other types. This is why fruit is so good as a snack. It doesn’t take the body long to break it down completely, but will be long enough to tide you over until your next meal.

When you try to eat it with other carbs, such as your porridge oats, you are making it very hard for the digestive system to work.

Melon With Food

Melon is considered a great starter or used as a dessert with other fruit. While it’s juicy and sweet, it is going to cause problems when eaten with other foods.

Out of all fruit, melon digests the slowest, but still quicker than other foods. If you eat it with anything else or just after something else, you are putting your digestive system under more stress.

Water and Food

You will usually order a drink with your meal or at least grab one while you’re cooking dinner.

While you may be thirsty, drinking water dilutes the food you eat. That means your digestive system has to work in different ways. It affects the way the nutrients are broken down and used, and can lead to various health problems in the gut.

Dairy Products Mixed With Fruit

Fruit and yogurt is a popular combination, or you may decide to mix milk and fruit. It could be for a dessert or you may opt for it with a smoothie, but either way you’re putting extra strain on your digestive system.

Dairy products are animal proteins and digest over a long period of time. You’re forcing the fruit to digest slowly too, and that is not going your body much good.

Eating While Suffering From Emotional Problems

This isn’t quite a food combination but is something to really think about. When you’re struggling mentally or emotionally, your digestive system doesn’t work in the best way.

By eating during this time, you are forcing your digestive system to work, and it usually leads to the food not completely being broken down. While this can lead to some health issues, it can also cause more food to be stored by the body, which will lead to weight gain. If you’re struggling emotionally, it is important to find another way to deal with it.

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