Tips for Quick and Easy Homemade Meals

With all the responsibilities surrounding a woman’s life, you will find that you barely have enough time to complete all the tasks at hand. However, you should not let your busy schedule prevent you and your family members from eating delicious and healthy homemade cooked meals. Here are seven tips that will make preparing and eating homemade meals much easier and faster.

Double the recipe:

When you are making a meal, double the recipe so you always make sure that you make enough to have leftover foods for the next day.

This will automatically reduce the times that you have to cook a meal from scratch and hence save you know you will be saving time in the future.

Alternatively, you can always freeze the leftovers if you do not want to eat the same meals twice in a row and have it at a later time.

Use a food processor:

Instead of chopping the vegetables for salads or stir fries. This will save you time and allow you to get straight to cooking, instead of spending time cutting vegetables.

Do not wash the food processor until after you are done with it.

Invest in a slow cooker:

They are great for cooking stews, beans and sauces. All you need to do is simply cut up the ingredients, mix them together and leave them to simmer in the slow cooker for the day.

By the time you come back you have a fully prepared and warm meal to serve. Due to their low energy usage slow cookers are safe to be left home alone, however, always make sure to check the instructions.

Cook and freeze beans:

Using a slow cooker or a regular pot, always cook more dried beans than you need. They are safe to freeze and will last for a long time.

Simply, open up the bag of beans and add it to a stew, a rice or pasta dish and even in salads. They are also cheaper and healthier for you than canned beans.

Introduce soups to your diet:

Mix your vegetables together in a blender and warm up the juice. Add broth, garlic and onion for taste and chicken or cooked beans for additional protein.

Serve with bread or a salad on the side and there is your quick and easy dinner.

Salads make great dinners:

This is not just a salad of green and tomatoes. You can add potatoes or pasta to it and cold cut or leftover steak or chicken for protein.

For vegetarians, consider adding beans, cheese and nuts. Sprinkle a lemon and olive oil mix for a dressing here you have a quick and easy meal with all the nutrients needed.


You could cook almost any type of pasta for less than 10 minutes. Keep a batch of frozen tomato sauce in the freezer for a quick fix dinner.

Alternatively, fry it with some vegetables and add smoked salmon or some chicken and this way you got a quick fix meal.

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