Beyond the Gnome: 8 Tips to Make Your Garden More Beautiful

If you want to make your garden more beautiful than ever before, we have some ideas for you. Doesn’t matter if your site is big or small, with these tips you can surely improve the overall effect!

Bench or Swing

They are not only practical, but also spectacular. It is important to put them in a place where you want to sit around – so take into consideration those areas where your neighbors cannot see!

You can locate them in the shade of a tree – you can get through easier the hot summer days. Watch out for enough natural light for reading!


It is past time when a fountain was a privilege of the affluent people. Now you have many humble and spectacular version to choose from.

You just have to find the best according to taste and budget. Whether you like ornate or pure, ask for your family members’ opinion, too!


Smuggle new forms of life to your garden! A small lake makes a fantastic sight, and gives you a kind of happiness that you never experienced before. Choose the perfect fishes and plants.

Leave the design to professionals who have some advice what to do when the winter comes. There is a type that requires minimal maintenance.

Permeable soil

Who says that grass is the only option for a garden? Mulch, gravel or pebbles provide a very aesthetic look, they are comfortable to walk on, and make your place really unique.

Not to mention the fact that you don’t need to submerge in ankle-deep mud when the rain falls.


You invite your friends and family often? Why don’t you set up a barbecue in your garden?

The sight of open fire adds more to the social experience. However, there are some security rules that you have to follow when using it.


A further thought after barbecue: a small, but whole kitchen in the garden! You can set up a grill and a counter with similar work surfaces.

Think about it: you don’t have to run into the house in every two minutes when you need something! Plastic tables, chairs, dishes and cutlery make this experience whole.


If your garden is not completely flat, you may consider building a step on the slope.

Beauty and practicality can be combined with it, as you may choose from several natural materials such as stone or wood, and planting evergreens next to it.


You are nothing but a big sigh when a wonderful arbor or gazebo appears on the screen? A smartly designed little building like this can be the major ornament of your garden.

The options regarding materials and size are practically endless. Note that when it is completed, and once you have a dinner there, you may become an official gazebo-addict!

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