Why There Are No Quick Fixes to Dieting?

Have you ever wondered why those quick fix diets don’t quite work? You may lose all the weight, but then you end up piling it all back on, if not more! The truth is that there are no quick fixes when it comes to dieting and weight loss, and here are the reasons why.

It’s Not Sustainable

The quick fixes just aren’t sustainable when it comes to keeping weight off for the long term. They cut out calories or certain food groups so much that you just start craving them.

The more you tell yourself no, the more you want those foods. When you finally give in, you have a complete blow out instead and find yourself back to square one.


They’re Not Healthy

These “quick fix” diets aren’t healthy for you. Not only are they cutting out major food groups, but they’re cutting out nutrients. You will find yourself tired, miserable and possibly risk various health risks.

For example, cutting out meat could lead to an iron deficiency, while not getting enough carbs can lead to not getting enough energy.

They Don’t Teach Good Habits

You just put all the weight back on because you’re not learning the good habits you need about your food.

The main focus on the crash diets is to get the pounds off, not about healthy choices and how to create an easy sustainable weight loss.

You can even end up with poor knowledge about food because you think one type of food is causing all the problem, when that isn’t the case.


The Weight Gain Took Time

You didn’t gain all that weight within a few weeks, so why do you think you should lose it within such a short space of time? It’s not healthy or realistic.

If weight gain took a year to be put on, it should take around that time to come off again. If it only took a week to go on, then it will take a week or so to leave, but chances are that isn’t a lot.

It Takes Diet and Exercise

You need to join diet and exercise together for a healthy and sustainable exercise. This is difficult when you do the quick fixes because they usually focus on one or the other.

If you cut your calories so much, you don’t have the energy to do any exercise. Doing exercise doesn’t just help to create a calorie deficit. It will also help you build muscle to avoid losing that instead of the fat.


The Quick Fixes Are Just for Money

Those who create the quick fix diets are doing it just to get money out of people. They’re not interested in whether it will really help you or not. They don’t care if you really do lose the weight that you want.

Watch out for all those diet pills, books and shakes that promise excellent results. They use doctored images and fake reviews to con you.

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