How to Enjoy a Valentine’s Day on a Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, you may be worrying about the upcoming Valentine’s Day. You’re worried about the cost of presents, the things that you’ll do on the night and a babysitter if you have children. However, you don’t have a spend a fortune to make this day special. Here are some tips to make Valentine’s Day perfect while on a budget.

Make Your Own Card

You don’t have to go out there and buy a card especially for the day. Think about it; how often are they just thrown into the bin afterwards. Instead of buying into the Hallmark tradition, make your own card for your loved one.

If you have children, they can help you with this to make it a family friendly day instead. All you need is some card, pens and a bit of imagination. There are lots of ideas online.


Make a Home Cooked Meal

Going out on this day of the year is expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive and sometimes worse than Christmas! Instead of spending money you don’t have, get something special from the grocery store and make a home cooked meal.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; do something that you both will really enjoy. If you want a special treat, you can make your own chocolate shaped hearts by melting cheap chocolate into heart moulds!

Celebrate on a Different Day

Who said you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the day? You’ll find that everything is more expensive on February 14 just because of the name of the day.

Switch it to February 13 or the 15 and you will soon find that flowers, chocolates and meals out are much more budget friendly.


Look Out for Free Events and Activities

There is always something free happening in the area. You just have to look out for them. Some of the events will be held by the churches in the area, but you could also find free tourist spots where you can enjoy your day.

All you need to think about is funding for travel and your meals while you’re out.

Create a Box of Memories

Put together all of the things that you love about your partner into a shoe box and you have your own memory box. You could even add all the things that you’ve done together in the past if you still have them.

Pull it all together and then give it to your partner. Spend some time thinking about the days that the memories came from and why they’re so important to you.


Make Your Own Playlist

Put together a list of songs that you both love listening to together. They could also be ones that hold special memories for the two of you, like the first time you met or the song from your first dance.

Place them on a playlist or burn them onto a CD and listen to them during the day.

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