When you use the gym, do you often bypass the free weights section altogether? It’s likely that you’re scared you’re going to bulk up, and that’s not in your gym goals. The good news is that you can use free weights the next time you take a trip to the gym. In fact, here are some reasons you should.

The Work No Different to the Machines

The free weights are no different to using the odd weight machine or even doing bodyweight exercises like push ups and sit ups. You’re still going to tone your muscles and you will gain the benefit of strengthening those muscles too.

You’re Not Bulking Up


You know that you can use the weight machines and do bodyweight exercises without bulking up, right? Well, why would you expect bulking up to be an issue when you’re using the free weights?

You may see men bulking up using them but that is due to their body makeup. They have more testosterone, which is the real reason for bulking up. When you use the weights, you’re going to strengthen the muscles and tone them.

There Is More Range

You can do much more with the free weights. They can be added to other exercises and you can build up your strength much better because you can constantly opt for heavier weights.

You can usually add more than the weight machines will let you. The range of exercises just with the free weights is large.

Cheaper Than Machines

If you want to move the gym to your home, getting the free weights is going to be much cheaper and valuable than having the different machines.

You just need a few dumbbells and you will be able to do weighted lunches, arm exercises and even better sit ups. There are also ankle weights for those who want to do running with weights.

Use Up More Calories


Having stronger muscles requires more calories, so your body burns more. When you’re resting, you’ll find that you’re burning more than you used to so you can eat more—or you can lose more weight.

If you have excess weight, you’ll find that more of the calories in the fat is used because the muscles need to keep the calories they gain.

Better for Your Health

Weight training is simply better for your health. By strengthening your muscles, you decrease the chances of developing osteoporosis later in life.

It will also help to prevent injuries, especially twisting and straining the joints. The skeleton is more supported, so you’ll find you can do much more and it won’t seem to take as much energy.

It’s Easy to Build Up

Start off slow when weight training. The good news is that you’ll soon be working onto the bigger weights. You will soon find that the muscles tone.

You may not see it at first if there is a lot of fat in the way, but you’ve given yourself a good start when you do slim down to the body of your dreams.

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