Avoid Ovarian Cysts and Fibroids with these Diet Tips

It isn’t uncommon to hear about women who are dealing with ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids, especially during their birthing years. These cysts are pockets filled with fluid in the ovaries, while fibroids are non-cancerous fibrous growths in the uterus. No one knows what actually causes these cysts and fibroids in women, but diet appears to play a definite role in their development.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

This is one of those pieces of advice most women have heard since they were very young, but it really does matter when you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Studies have shown that women who have cysts and fibroids are at higher risk of having adult onset diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables are complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are loaded with fiber and they can help to lower a woman’s risk of developing high-blood sugar.

Fiber also helps you to feel fuller faster. The less you eat, the better chance you have of losing weight and keeping it off.



Avoid Simple Carbohydrates

Many women love their sweets and white flour products. Unfortunately, these are simple carbohydrate foods that can make blood sugar levels skyrocket in very little time.

These foods are also connected with people who struggle with obesity. Cut out the simple carbohydrates and if you can’t, try to eat a lot less.

Watch your Fat Consumption

Studies show that foods that are high in fat strain the liver, which is responsible for converting it for the body.

If the liver is too overloaded to work right, it can result in a surge of estrogen in your body which is related to the development of cysts and fibroids. Foods that are high in fat are also related to obesity.

Check the fat content of the foods you eat and if possible, buy products that have reduced-fat or are fat-free.



Only Drink Water

Women love their diet soda, coffee and tea, but they could be doing harm that they don’t know about to their bodies. The calories in soda and sweetened coffee or tea are simple carbohydrates. They don’t do anything to your body other than add empty calories and possibly raise your blood sugar.

These beverages also have caffeine in them, and it is believed that caffeine lessens the performance of specific enzymes in the body. This can lead to an accumulation of toxins which can form into fibroids or cysts. Stick with water. It’s the best drink for your body.

Go Green

Eat your green, leafy vegetables as often as possible. The darker the green is best with your vegetable choices.

Don’t discount seaweed as an option, either. These vegetables often contain a super amount of iodine. The lack of iodine in a woman’s diet has been linked with the development of fibroids.



Say Goodbye to Red Meat, Eggs and Dairy

Dairy, eggs and red meat are all high in saturated fat. These fats increase a woman’s risk of developing fibroids.

Women can make some basic changes to their weekly menu that can help if they are particularly fond of dairy, red meat and eggs. Fish, beans and white-meat poultry can be substituted as they are all healthier for your heart and body.

Make Better Choices

Dieting to deal with or avoid cysts and fibroids doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Simply make the effort to choose better foods when you shop.

A little adjustment here and there can make all the difference in your overall comfort and health.

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