Relieving Pain In A Natural Way

Women can experience pain for any number of reasons including their day-to-day activities, their job, or just doing too much in one day. However, some women are not fond of taking pills in order to relieve their pain. Here are some natural ways to take away pain that do as good as job as an over-the-counter or prescription medication.


When a woman exercises, special chemicals called endorphins are released into the body.

The endorphins can help relieve stress, but also help ease pain too. By exercising regularly, a woman can relieve her pain in a natural way.



Eat berries:

Fruits from the berry family, such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries all contain a compound known as resveratrol.

Studies have shown that resveratrol can help a woman’s pain by protecting vital parts of her body like her back, which parts of can deteriorate as time goes on.


Heat can be used to take away pain, and there are many ways that a woman can use heat. There are rubs that can produce heat like capsaicin gels, but heat can also be found in hot water or heating pads.

With heat, the blood flow to a certain area is increased, which will promote healing. Heat can also block the pain signals, and keep them from reaching the brain and spinal cord.




When a woman has a part of her body that is in pain, there is no greater sensation than a nice cold bag of ice or something else that has a low temperature.

There are many ice packs on the market that are made of gel and that can be placed in the freezer. Ice can instantly numb the pain, and also stop nerve sensations from flaring, which can cause throbbing and other uncomfortable feelings.

Vitamin D:

There are some vitamins that can really benefit the human body. Vitamin D can help relieve the pain of arthritis. Typically, the recommended dose of vitamin D is between 500 and 900 milligrams a day.

The best source of vitamin D is exposure to the sun, but for women who have concerns about wrinkles and other sun damage, two to three glasses of milk a day will provide plenty of vitamin D to relieve pain.




Bringing peace and serenity to a woman can do a lot of good for both her body and her spirit. A nice quiet room with low lighting can help calm a woman down.

When a woman has chronic pain, her body can be become tense, which is only going to make the pain a lot worse. By spending time meditating, a woman can settle her nerves down, and this will help take away her pain.

Basic stretching techniques:

Sometimes when a part of a woman’s body is sore, one way to help relieve that pain is to do some mild stretching.

The soft tissue in the body can be stretched to a certain point that will help loosen any stiff muscles, and also the ligaments and tendons.

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