The Signs of Diabetes in a Woman

Every year millions of women are diagnosed with diabetes. A woman may have the signs of diabetes, but not even know it. If a woman has a history of diabetes in her family, she may need to know what the signs are of diabetes. Here are some common signs that a woman may be diabetic.

Always thirsty:

The excessive amount of sugar in the body can make a woman thirsty all of the time.

Drinking water is supposed to get rid of thirst, but if it is not doing any good, than this is a sign that a woman may have to make an appointment with her doctor.



Frequent yeast infections:

When there is too much sugar in the body, the body tends to be very vulnerable to things like illnesses and infections.

A woman can be vulnerable to yeast infection, and having these infections often is a sign that there is something going on with her body.

Unexplained weight loss or weight gain:

Being told a woman look thinner is a nice compliment, but if she has not done anything to lose weight, than it can be a troubling thing to hear.

A sign of diabetes is either weight loss or weight gain, and either one of these signs should be taken seriously.



Frequent restroom trips:

The body is always trying to find a way to cure itself, and when there is too much sugar in the body then the body will try and get rid of it.

Using the bathroom often is a sign that a woman is not drinking too much water, but that there may be something else going on side of her body that she needs to get checked out.

Wounds that heal slow:

With diabetes, the fact that there is too much sugar in the body is also going to inhibit the body’s functions. A normal function like healing is something that is going to be affected.

Typically, a cut or scratch can take up to a week to heal, but if it has been more than a week, and the wound is still three, then this is a major sign that a woman needs to make an appointment with her family practitioner.



Breath that smells sweet:

The sugar in the body can permeate everything.

A woman with an excessive amount of sugar in her body is going to have breath that smells fruity or sweet.

Being tired all the time:

The human body is much like the engine in a woman’s car. When everything is working properly, the car will run great.

Anyone that has ever had to deal with sugar in their gas tank will understand what it can do to an engine.

Though the car may run fine for a short amount of time, the fact is that eventually the sugar will make the car stop running. Sugar in the bloodstream is going to cause the body not to function like it should.

A woman with diabetes may feel very tired all of the time no matter how much sleep she gets.

Diabetes is a serious condition, and if a woman shows signs of it, then she needs to get to the doctor so she can begin treatment. Diabetes is a manageable condition, but ignoring it can be the worst mistake a woman can make became it can significantly shorten her life.

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