Tips For Spicing Up Your Sex Life

When two people have been lovers for a long time, sometimes the spark that once lit up their bedroom can fade away. Though love is not a problem, the desire to be intimate with their partner is what some women are missing, and it makes things a little awkward in the bedroom. However, there are some things a couple can do that can help their sex life regain the fun and chemistry that it once had.

Teasing can be fun:

Lying in bed together, a couple can take advantage of early in the morning or late at night for a little teasing fun.

Slow teasing like from the days of high school, which is kissing and touching one another, can really heat things up because the two people are taking their time and giving one another pleasure slowly.



Go to an adult store:

An adult store can really make a sex life spicier because there are all kinds of items at the store that can add both excitement and fun to a couple’s intimate time together.

If a couple does not know where to start, there is always a friendly employee who is willing to make suggestions and offer to help in any way they can.

Turn off the technology:

In order to pay attention to the one they love, anything with technology has to be turned off. A man and woman have to cut themselves off from the phone, the cell phone, and the computer.

Though it may be hard at first to be without technology, eventually the couple will get used to it and the time they spend together is going to help make their sex life good again.



Be spontaneous:

Sometimes couples get into a routine, and that routine for their everyday life can spill over into their sex life.

However, a little spontaneity can really turn up the heat on a couple’s sex life because they can be together intimately without having to worry about planning it out and thinking about it too much.

Make love in the outdoors:

Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for two people who are trying to get the spark they once had in their marriage. A couple can go outside in their backyard, where they have privacy, and find a place where they can be alone together.

Even if a couple does nothing more than kiss while sitting on the porch swing, the change of environment can really inspire the way two people feel about one another.



Be more vocal during sex:

There is nothing more discouraging then having a partner that is very quiet during lovemaking. Silence can mean that a person is not doing something right, even if it is not necessarily true.

Sex is a lot of fun, and being vocal about how things feel, or what a person wants, can make things a lot more exciting between the sheets.

Dancing together can be intimate and erotic:

A man and woman dancing together can be both very sweet and intimate. The couple being close together can really stir up feelings because their bodies are touching and they have their arms around one another.

As the song goes on, innocent dancing can turn dirty, and a couple’s dancing can turn into a great time in the bedroom.

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