Amazing DIY Valentine’s Gift Ideas

It’s just ten days to Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t already gotten a gift, you may be wondering the best thing for him. Instead of focusing on items to buy him, why not make him something? It will come from the heart and you can personalise it to your heart’s content. Here are some amazing DIY gifts that don’t take too long to make.

Stuff Your Heart

Make your own stuffed hearts and add a personalised message or touch. They can be as big or as small as you want. All you need is red felt, some stuffing and then something to use for the personalised message, like a white piece of fabric to write on. Cut hearts out of the red fabric and sew them together with the stuffing in the middle. Add your personalised message and you’re done!

His Own Coupon Book

Give him a present to remember throughout the year with a coupon book. You could have little messages for him to get something sexual from you or coupons for you to do housework that is usually his chore. Make it clear that each coupon can only be used once and once the book is done it’s done! Make your own and create personalised messages on each one or on the front.

Personalise Some Champagne / Wine Glasses

If you like to have a drink together, personalise some glasses with your names. They become your very own “his and hers” glasses. You can do this with wine glasses and champagne glasses easily by using ink or other permanent items on the base of the glass. If you want to do it on other types of glasses, you will have to work around the main tumbler.

Create a Personalised Message in a Frame

Have a personalised message to him and put it in a frame. You can do this in different ways, such as through sewing the message or using fancy pens to write it out yourself. Pick a frame that is relatively neutral, so he can have it anywhere that he wants.

Make a Scrapbook of Your Time Together

Depending on how long you’ve been together, you may have a lot of photos, letters and other items that you have kept. Why not put them in a scrapbook and give them to him this Valentine’s Day. You can interlace them with ticket stubs and all the other memories that you’ve built. He’ll love it and see just how much you cherish your relationship together.

Give Him the Perfect Hamper

Hampers are great ways to show someone you care and they don’t have to be expensive to put together. You’re probably thinking of those fruit hampers or the chocolates that are designed for women, but you can make your own just for him. Put all his favourites together in a small brown wicker box, like his favourite drink and favourite chocolate bars. Once he sees it, he’ll have a smile on his face. Just don’t expect him to share!

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