Are You Struggling to Find Mr. Right? These Could Be the Reasons

Do you often find yourself struggling to find Mr. Right? You think you find him and then he turns out to be completely the wrong guy for you. There could be a lot of reasons for it, but one of those is not that you are cursed! Here are six very honest reasons, but ones that you can do something about to help find Mr. Right.

You Don’t Know What You Want

Have you even taken the time to figure out what you want from a guy? You know that you want someone who treats you right, but where do you go from there?

While you need to avoid putting too many restrictions on the perfect guy for you, there needs to be a few items on your checklist. You could find you’re letting Mr. Right go without even realising.

The Chemistry Isn’t the Only Thing

You don’t feel the instant spark and think that he can’t be the guy. That chemistry is not the only thing that makes him the perfect match for you.

It could take a while for that spark to even get there. You need to get along, and he needs to meet certain aspects on that checklist from the above point. Don’t leave it all based on the spark not quite being there from the beginning.

You’re Waiting for a Fairy Tale

Life is not like a fairy tale. If it was, you’d be locked in a tower by your step-mother, or poisoned because you’re too beautiful. Don’t sit around and wait for Prince Charming to come to you.

You need to get out there and look for him. That doesn’t mean going crazy looking for him. You need to look while you get on with your life and career. He will come around one day.

You Tend to Opt for Adventure

Do you like the adventure? The problem with this is the guy that comes with it is usually Mr. Wrong.

He wants to lead you astray and thinks fun only happens when you’re in trouble with the law. You need to stop thinking of the bad stuff as being the only fun, adventurous stuff you can do. Look at all the great things that Mr. Right can give you.

Your Standards Aren’t High Enough

While having too high standards is a bad thing, so is not making your standards high enough. You need someone who will treat you well, and put your interests before his now and then.

If you’re not willing to put your happiness first when it comes to finding love, you’re going to struggle to be happy in any type of relationship.

You Think He’ll Change

You know he’s treated women poorly in the past. He’s cheating on his girlfriend or wife right now just to be with you.

However, you believe that he will change all because of you. Get this fairytale out of your head right now. While some people can change, watch out for all the warning signs.

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