6 Important Tips to Meditate

You know that meditation is beneficial, but how do you actually do it? You may have heard that you need to think about nothing, but this is really difficult. Even thinking of a black hole is thinking of something. Here are some important tips to help you get started with meditation so you really can benefit from it.

Keep Good Posture

It’s going to be difficult at first, but you really need to concentrate on good posture. You will most likely be sitting during your meditation, so sit with a straight back and your shoulders pulled back.

If you’re on a chair, make sure both feet are flat on the floor. You could choose to lie down while you’re meditating, so think about your posture then.



Focus on Something

You don’t want to think about nothing while meditating. You won’t get anything out of that. Instead, focus on something specific. Breathing is your best option.

Think of this as your life force and concentrate on every single breath that you take. From there, you can move onto other things as you get more advanced in the activity.

Pull Your Focus Back

There are times that your mind will wander. It’s natural so don’t get annoyed with yourself. However, you don’t want it to go off for too long.

When you find that you are thinking of something else, pull it back to your original focus—presumably your breathing right now—and try to keep it there.

Each time you find that your mind is floating somewhere else, pull it back again gently. It will get easier as you practise more.



Work with Your Emotions

Your emotions can play a part while meditating and it can be difficult to settle. Instead of trying to calm the emotions or forget about them, make them part of your focus. Focus on the feelings in the body from your emotional feelings.

For example, if you’re upset, think about the tight band around your chest. If you’re happy, think about the way the heart flutters. You take the details away from the emotions while not forgetting about them entirely.

Don’t Try for Too Long

Don’t force yourself to sit for hours on end meditating. Just 10 minutes will do you the world of good. Even a couple of minutes to start off with is good. It will take some practise and time to get used to sitting for long periods of time.

Build yourself up gradually and bring yourself to a close when you find that your mind is not getting staying on focus long enough.



Choose a Quiet Place

You need to find somewhere that is quiet and peaceful; somewhere you won’t be disturbed. This could be your bedroom, but you may want somewhere while you’re at work or when you’re out and about.

Think about the places that suit you personally; nobody else can tell you the best place for this. You may have a janitor’s closet at work that is suitable for this need or a favourite tree in your local park.

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