If you know an introvert, you may be used to his or her actions throughout the day. However, there are certain aspects of their lives that they don’t let you into. They’re not sure how to get their point across, and their personality style doesn’t really allow them to speakRead More →

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth seeing a therapist? Even if you’ve not been through a traumatic experience, you could get a new lease on life. Great therapists help all types of people. They help people get through a trauma, help to ease mental anguish and can be thereRead More →

You may have heard about the qualities and traits that guys look for in girlfriends. You’ve heard all about how looks are considered and how eye contact is a must. However, there are certain traits that will have guys falling head over heels quickly. These traits help a guy realiseRead More →

Girlfriends and one-night stands are very different. Guys want someone fun, flirty and adventurous in a one-night stand, but this isn’t something appealing for relationships. If you want a guy that will become your boyfriend, you need to know what he’s looking for in you. Here are the main traitsRead More →

Part of love is discipline. Starting off on the right foot is very important when you are raising children. It can be oh so hard to say “No” to that chubby little two year old, but no is a word all children need to hear and they need to hearRead More →

Who are you…Really? What is your inherent purpose in life? What are your goals in life? What do you aspire to become? Who do you aspire to be? Food for thought isn’t it? From the time we begin to become self-aware we form basic ideologies. These ideologies take us throughRead More →