7 Ways to Make Yourself Look Good and Feel Great!

Looking good is more than just using a spot of makeup or getting your hair done. If you feel great on the inside, the right hormones will pass around your body and your skin will glow; leading to you looking as good as you feel. Of course, it works the other way: if you look good, you’re likely to feel great too. Here are seven ways to achieve just that.

Focus on Your Posture

Walk talk and be confident. A good posture is great for showing that you mean business so you get the promotions, the jobs and the men.

It will also help you build strong muscles so you can fight off the process of aging and feel better physically as well as emotionally.

You also look better since you’re not slouched over. Focus on your posture when sitting and standing.



Enjoy Yourself Right Now

Remember that you need to feel good about yourself to look great but it can be hard to feel good if you don’t look it. The trick is to think about something positive. Focus on the good things about you.

Do you have great eyes? Maybe your hair shines. It could even be your personality or your brains! Make a list of the things that are good about you so you can highlight them on a daily basis.

Listen to Yourself and Improve Your Voice

Aging brings a deeper voice. If you’re not happy with the way that you sound, you may fear talking in public. Listen to your voice and make some changes so it sounds the way that you want it to.

Younger people talk with a higher pitch and often more excitement; although the lower pitch is has more authority and is more professional.



Listen to the Music You Love

Put on the tracks that you like to listen to. This releases the happy hormone –endorphins—which will help you feel better and look great.

Put your iPod on while walking around outside or have the radio turned up on a morning to start your day with something great.

Condition and Care for Your Hair

There’s nothing to say that you can’t have long hair, whatever your age. The trick is to make sure it looks great. Care for your hair every day.

Condition it to help avoid the tangles and only wash it as often as you need to. Avoid using heat or have heat protection if you really must.



Do More Exercise

Exercise is the best thing to look and feel good. It may seem like hard work at first but it will release endorphins so you feel happier by the end.

You’ll also help yourself look great by boosting your metabolism and burning more calories.

Have More Sex!

Apparently this is the best way to improve your looks and how you feel about yourself.

It’s not the action but the orgasms afterwards that really help. At the same time, think of all the exercise you’re getting!

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