How Online Studying Can Help Advance Your Career

Have you ever wanted to get further ahead in your career? Do you want to change jobs but are under-qualified? Many women feel this way but then know full-time university just isn’t an option for them. The good news is that online studying is an option and can really help you in your career advancement.

It Proves You’re Motivated

Online studying requires a lot of dedication and motivation.

When employers see that you have done a distance learning course, they see that this is something you have worked hard to achieve.

This works in your favour when it comes to the hiring process as they would rather have someone who has proven to be motivated.



You Can Keep the Money Coming In

Studying isn’t always an option if you have a family to support. Online studying allows you to work at the same time.

You study at a time that suits you and will only have to take time off work for exams and a few tutorials; most tutorials aren’t compulsory and you can arrange something else with your tutor.

You Prove You Can Multitask

Like the motivation, the studying in your own time shows that you can multitask.

You have been able to keep the job going, look after a family and get a degree or qualification all at the same time.

This is a major accomplishment and something many employers love to see.



You’re Putting Your Career First

Women in the workplace struggle for one reason: their employers worry that their career comes second in their life.

By doing a distance learning course, you’re showing that your career comes first and that you’re willing to do more to help it.

They’re more likely to hire you because you have shown this dedication and you will seem like the perfect person to help the company go further.

You Show You’re Willing to Do More

Your learning won’t necessarily stop there. There may be other qualifications that you can gain, whether at university or through the workplace.

By doing the online course, you’ve already proven that you can do it and your boss is more likely to turn to you when looking for someone to do the other courses.

You could find a promotion coming much quicker because of your initial course!



You Get the Skills You Need

Of course, the course gets you the skills that you need to advance in your career. You build on the knowledge and some involve practical assessments.

These skills aren’t just for one workplace; they can be for other companies so you can switch jobs quickly.


Your Boss Knows You’re Serious

If you ask your boss for a promotion or wage rise, he may question if you’re serious about it. He’ll worry that your family will stop you or that you’ll disappear or not do all the work.

By doing the course, you’re proving that you are serious about your wishes and that you want to advance in your career. The next time something comes up, he won’t think twice!

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