Finding Yourself

Who are you…Really? What is your inherent purpose in life? What are your goals in life? What do you aspire to become? Who do you aspire to be? Food for thought isn’t it? From the time we begin to become self-aware we form basic ideologies. These ideologies take us through life and help us to navigate the treacherous waters that we call life.

All too often your true identities are skewed because you are someone’s daughter, someone’s sister or someone’s wife. Others see your self-worth as predetermined by your for-parents. Sometime they are right and sometimes they are wrong but you should not aspire to have values based on others but embrace your own belief system though it may be shaped through your own experiences and individuality.

Your environment plays a pertinent roll in the structuring of who you are but is that environment the end all and be all of your life? Change your environment and hence change your life. Life in the city is hectic, a hassle but the pace in the country is considerably slower and more deliberate. No obtuse drivers and obnoxious traffic situations, slowdown in the pace of work-life and an immediate environmental change.

Maybe thats easier said than done. Is it? Can you see your way out of your present undesirable situation? Whether it is a relationship, job or living situation, there is always a better way, a different choice; but it’s your choice.

No one promise it will be easy or simple. No one promised it would be quick but if you have conviction it can happen.

Finding yourself is not about how much money you make or how many treasures you can store but what inherently makes you …..You.

Sit down, take a moment….what have you done in your life so far? Who have you helped outside of your family and friends? Sometime it takes such a small gesture to start the ball rolling. Donate an item of clothing that you no longer need. Give a few dollars to that beggar on the street so he can buy a meal. You don’t have to be a girl scout to make the lives of some unfortunate person a little better.

I can guarantee that you will have a spring in your step and a smile on your lips. It’s such a wonderful feeling to do something nice for someone or make a sacrifice. Do it not because I told you to do so, not because you are expecting rewards in return but because the inherent goodness in all of us needs to shine through in this chaotic world.

Sometimes it may takes years, sometimes it may come in an instant but you will find your true purpose, you will find who you are. Do not be contented to be categorized and painted with the all-inclusive brush. Stand up and stand out although you might be redeculed for it and always live by the golden rule; do unto others and you will have them do unto you.

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