It’s Time to Add More Positivity In Your Life

It’s time to add more positivity in your life. It doesn’t matter if it is work-related, family-related or just in general. Negativity puts you in a bad mood, while positivity keeps you happy, motivated and ready for anything. Here are six ways to add more positivity to your life quickly and easily.

Look on the Bright Side

The cars broken down or the boilers packed in again. It’s really easy to look at the negatives. In fact, it’s normal to look at the negatives. Instead of that, why not look at the positive side of things.

There is always a silver lining to that cloud. It could be getting more activity in your day, or a really good excuse to convince hubby it is time for that boiler upgrade.



Don’t Let Things Get to You

It can be hard, but you need to stop letting people’s comments get to you. It’s just going to put your mood on a downer. Practise ignoring them by starting with trolls or bullies, who only want to upset you for their fun.

You can then move onto the people who like to give you the honest truth even if it hurts, and then to those who hurt you by mistake. Constructive criticism is different. Use that to your advantage by making changes.

Stop Making Excuses

You’re late for work, and it has to be the train’s fault. You’ve not gotten the project done because there wasn’t enough research.

You know what all these are? Excuses, and it’s time to stop them. Take action by preventing the excuses being needed in the first place. When something does happen, own up to it and correct it. You may even be able to correct it long before someone finds out, and your boss will love you.



Stop Worrying About Things You Cannot Change

The trains are late, so you’re going to be late for work. If this is the first time its happened, your boss will understand. There’s nothing you can do about the trains.

If it’s the second time, then maybe you need to pre-empt the trains being late again. Change your own schedule, but stop worrying about the things out of your control!

Get More Fresh Air

The fresh air will do you wonders. You will get the vitamin D your body needs (yes, even with the clouds) and your body gets more oxygen.

It’s time to get outside as much as you can. Go out for lunch or take the kids to the park while the weather is mild.



Take a Break

This isn’t just about that 10 minute break at the office. You need time away from the stress of work, and time to spend with your family. You have vacation days for a reason, so use them!

You don’t need to go away, but it could be good just to get out of your home town. See the sights and remember there is a world out there.

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