Top Tips to Relax and Find Peace

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a relaxing five minutes or so? It’s actually really good for the body, by helping to ease stress and release tension. However, relaxing doesn’t mean you just have to sit back and do nothing. It’s all about doing something fun to help ease the mind. Here are some tips to help you relax and find peace.

Go Back to Being a Kid

Remember what it was like to be a child? It was possible to be carefree and have fun all the time. For just five minutes or so, go back to being a kid again.

Go back to having fun and dance around the house like you don’t care. You could also get outside and play in the mud like you did as a child. Pick something you really loved to do and de-stress with it.



Dance Around the House

Put a song on full blast and just have fun with it. Dancing around the house releases energy and adrenaline, while letting you get some exercise.

The happy hormones are released in your brain and you will feel your muscles relax and your mind set at an ease. You could even create your own de-stress playlist on your iPod to get your feet moving.

Give Yourself a Facial

You won’t believe how much stress you hold in your face. Take the time to give yourself a facial. Start by using a facemask with soothing properties. There are all sorts available from the stores, or you can make your own natural one out of vegetables.

Afterwards, use some moisturising cream and massage into the muscles, especially the jawline. As you feel your face relax, the rest of your body will.



Use Some Tennis Balls

Places a couple of tennis balls or something similar in your hand and roll them across your shoulders and back. This is where most of the tension is kept, so this type of massage will be a great soother; and it’s possible for you to do on your own.

If you can afford to, book a relaxing massage on a monthly basis or so to really take advantage of the relaxing effects.

Add Scents You Enjoy

The sense of smell is extremely powerful, and can really help you relax. Fill your room with smells that you love, whether it is the scent of fresh bread or flowers.

There are plenty of essential oils with relaxing properties that you can add to steaming water, make into shower gels or just have burning in a small scent burner.



Have a Relaxing Bath

Run yourself a bath. You may not think of yourself as a bath person, but the warm water is extremely soothing. Mix it with some scents you enjoy and a book that you love, and you get a good 20 minutes or so to yourself.

Make sure the phone is turned off and it is just about you. After that bath, you will be ready to tackle the world.

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