7 Tips to Prevent Annoying Hat Hair

If you’re wearing a hat on a daily basis while outside, you know your hair is suffering. All that work to get it just right on a morning is wasted because it looks static or flat afterwards. The good news is that you can stop it happening. Here are a few tips to prevent that annoying hat hair.

Visit Your Hairdresser Regularly

Now is not the time to start skipping out on your hairdresser visits. In fact, this is the time to keep it up. Your hair is less likely to suffer from hat hair if you get those split ends chopped off and get the shape back into the layers. When you take the hat off, it’s easier for your hair to bounce back the way that it was. Hairdressers recommend leaving it no longer than two months during the winter.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Well hydrated hair is less likely to suffer from static, and it will not frizz as much. But how do you keep your hair hydrated during this dry time of year? The best thing to do is invest in hydrating shampoos and conditioners. You may consider leave-in conditioners or even a deep one that will work throughout the week.

Avoid Those Heating Items

Blow drying and straightening your hair is not going you any favours. Heated items will just damage your hair, which makes hat hair even worse. If you can, let your hair dry naturally and stick to it normal shape. If you really must use the heated items, make sure you use products designed to protect your hair from the heat. This will at least help you prevent hat hair, although it’s not guaranteed to always work.

Stick to the Tips

When it comes to moisturising creams and serums for the hair, avoid applying them to the whole head. When you put the hat on, the moisture intensifies and your hair starts to look greasy and unclean. Applying the creams to the tips only, where the hat doesn’t usually reach, will limit the amount of moisture growing but still care for the hair and help it bounce back.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Completely Dry

Whether you’re blow drying or allowing it to happen naturally, make sure it is completely dry before stepping out with the hat. The hair will lose shape if you miss just a couple of spots. When dry, the hair is more likely to bounce back afterwards.

Use a Hairspray

When you’ve styled your hair, it’s time to put on a bit of hairspray. Avoid the strong hold ones right now, as they just dry your hair out further. Stick to the light hold options and use it sparingly. The hairspray will just help the hair keep its shape so it bounces back after the hat is removed.

Think About the Hat Material

Woolly hats are great for warmth, but not for hat hair. Think about the material and how it affects your hair’s ability to breathe. Invest in a cotton hat if you can.

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