Think Old Wives’ Tales Are Fake? Think Again!

You hear all the time about how there is no truth in old wives’ tales. They were made up long before anybody knew about science and are based on superstition. Contrary to that popular belief, there are some tales that do hold some truth to them. You can use these to your advantage to improve your health and your life. Here are some of the ones to know about.

An Apple a Day Really Does Keep the Doctor Away

Apples are extremely healthy and one of the best fruits to eat. They are full of fibre, among other nutrients, which helps to keep the digestive system working fully.

The body remains healthy and there is less need to see a doctor. The fruit can also help keep the bones strong and kill mouth bacteria, which are both linked to various illnesses and ailments.


Carrots Will Help You See in the Dark

It’s not really just carrots, but there is some truth behind this tale.

Some eye problems are caused by a deficiency in vitamin A, and carrots are full of vitamin A. In fact, anything that has a good amount of vitamin A in will help correct problems caused by a deficiency. Focus on eating the vegetable form of the vitamin though, rather than the animal form.

Vitamin C to Fight a Cold

There is much debate about this, but vitamin C can really help to shorten the duration someone suffers from a cold. The body doesn’t store this vitamin and can’t reproduce it in anyway, so you need to eat and drink it.

It won’t stop you from getting a cold, but definitely makes the symptoms easier to deal with. However, it doesn’t help the immune system for all ailments.


Urinary Tract Infections Defeated With Cranberry Juice

When you first consider it, it doesn’t really make much sense. How can something as simple as cranberry juice help?

Scientists have found that the juice actually helps to stop bacteria from clinging to the bladder walls, which is actually the reason for urinary tract infections. It has also been linked to helping to ease pains at that time of the month.

Sucking the Thumb Ruins the Teeth

Thumb suckers are often chastised because they will ruin the teeth. There is some truth behind this tale. The sucking motion pulls the teeth forward and cause problems with the alignment.

This then leads to various problems with the gums and bacteria getting into the gaps. While it isn’t the only reason for misaligned teeth, it is important to stop it in its tracks as much as possible.


Wear a Hat Outside

Whatever you’re doing, you need to follow this old wives’ tale. The body loses most of its heat through the head.

This is why doctors recommend babies wear a hat, even during the warmer summer months. Whether you’re out for a walk or doing exercise, a hat will help to keep the body warmer.

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