Decorating Tips For Halloween Time

When Halloween comes, women love to turn their homes into a spooky area. Whole some women love to decorate on a theme, like creating a cemetery, other women have no idea how to decorate. There are some simple decorating tips that women can use to prepare their homes for the spookiest time of year.

Tree Branches:

Fall is the time of year when the leaves fall off of trees, and the branches look rather barren. Sometimes wind storms can knock off those bare branches, which will give a woman a perfect chance to gather them up.

Those bare branches can be placed in empty vases and a woman can make small cut out bats, tie dental floss to them, and suspend them from the different parts of the branches.



Cheese Cloth:

Cheese cloth can be hung around the door frames to make any room look like an old room found in any abandoned home.

The more shredded the cheese cloth looks hanging from the doorframes and ceiling, the older and more decrepit the room will look, which is perfect for Halloween.


White Sheets:

One of the scariest places people can be is in an old mansion house that no one wants anymore. Some people are afraid to see furniture that is covered with dusty white sheets.

To give the living room a haunted mansion look, white sheets can be placed over all of the furniture. The white sheets can be combined with the cheese cloth to give the living room and extra eerie and frightening appearance.




Orange Balloons:

Instead of having to hunt all over town for pumpkins, a cheap alternative is to get a pack of orange balloons and a magic marker.

When each balloon is filled with air, and tied off with a knot and a string, the marker can be used to paint a face on it that looks like a carved jack-o-lantern.

The balloons can then be hung all around the house, and if something happens to them, the popped balloon can easily be replaced.

Bat Garland:

Garland is usually associated with Christmas, but some party stores do actually carry garland for Halloween that comes in varieties such as bats, pumpkins, and ghosts.

The garland can be hung around the fireplace mantle, along the walls, or around the doorframes.

For an even more fun way to use the garland, it can be also combined with Halloween lights. Like the garland, the lights are Halloween themed and give off an orange glow.




Some grocery stores sell pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, and if they are at a reasonable price, then buying half a dozen or more can really dross up a house for Halloween. A good place for carved pumpkins is around the fireplace, or going up the stairs.

Some women used carved pumpkins of different scary faces around their home as centerpieces like one on the dining table, another on the coffee table in the living room. The pumpkins can be carved, or even painted with glitter to make for a shiny yet festive decoration.

Grey Styrofoam:

Styrofoam makes for a great tombstone, and hobby stores will sell it in different shapes for Halloween.

With a tombstone, the names of family and friends can be written out in black marker and places in the yard or in various places around the home to turn that home into an indoor cemetery.

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