Remove Your Makeup to Preserve Your Natural Beauty

You should never sleep in your makeup. It is really bad for your skin and gets into your pores. The best thing you can do is to remove it before you go to bed. You can avoid the panda-eyes and streams of mascara on your pillow case the next morning.

Start with the Baby Wipes

Baby wipes won’t remove everything but they will give you a good start. They can be used around the eyes, especially those that are for sensitive skin, which means less chance of irritation in this area.

You can buy some wipes that are designed for removing makeup. Look out for them and invest in them!



Choose a Cleanser for Your Skin Type

If you have oily skin, you need a cleanser that will help manage that. Likewise, if you have dry skin, you need one that is going to add moisture to your skin. Look out for a skin cleanser that works specifically for your skin type.

Not only will you remove all your makeup but you will also boost your skin’s natural oils (or reduce them, whichever you need).

Use a Foaming Cleanser Against Acne

If you suffer with bad acne, you need a cleanser that works against that. Soap-based cleaners are not good! They just dry out the skin.

You want one that is foam based and will really work to clean your pores and remove all the bacteria and dirt that has collected throughout the day. These foam cleaners will also be formulated to fight against spots.



Exfoliate After Removing Your Makeup

The makeup will get into your pores and the best way to get it out is through exfoliating your skin.

Get one that is formulated for your type of skin to avoid any issues. This is great just before you go to bed since there is less chance of dirt getting into your pores.

Use Lukewarm Water for Cleansing

When you’re running the water, make sure it is lukewarm. Too cold will not work but too hot will just dry your skin out.

Lukewarm may feel a little cold but it will really help to refresh your face after a day of wearing makeup.



Don’t Wash Your Face in the Morning

It may surprise you but when you get up the next morning, there’s no need to wash your face. It will not collect any dirt from your pillow. It may pick up some oils though that have been released from your body during the night.

If it seems to have a glow, you can splash it with some lukewarm water. This will remove the oils without drying your skin out too much.

Get Into a Routine

Make sure you wash your makeup off every night. Getting into a good routine, even when you don’t wear makeup on a certain day, will help you care for your skin.

Let your face glow naturally and help to manage your skin type, whether it is normal, dry or naturally oily.

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