How To Create A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The family is coming for Thanksgiving dinner, and the home has to be decorated for the guests. Instead of having to go out and buy a fall-themed centerpiece for the table, a woman can make one that is just as good for a lot less money. Here are the steps on how to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table that everyone will be seated at.

Get a Big Pumpkin:

A pumpkin is typically used for Halloween to be carved into something fun and scary, but pumpkins can be just as handy for Thanksgiving and can be used to make a great centerpiece.

The Pumpkin Has to Be Cut and Cleaned:

Just like carving a pumpkin for Halloween, a center stem has to be cut, removed, and the seeds have to be cleaned out.

Find a Clay Flower Pot:

The top of the pumpkin may need to be cut more in order for the flower pot to fit into the opening.

A large tall candle has to be found now, and it should fit into the flower pot easily.

Prepare The Inside of the Pumpkin:

However, before the candle can be inserted, the area inside the pumpkin has to be prepared.

Some people put sand in the bottom, but there are other alternatives like dried flowers or even potpourri.

Decorate the Outside of the Pumpkin:

To decorate the outside, women can use anything like glitter to jewels that can be hot glued to the outside. There is also a spray that can be used that can add a little spark to the outside surface.

There is also many ways that the pumpkin can be decorated, even with stickers if the kids want to help with the centerpiece.

Check the Position of the Candle:

The candle should be sitting above the top of the candle because if the candle is too low it will burn the inside of the pumpkin.

If the candle does not clear the top of the pumpkin, then the top of the pumpkin can be cut down a little more to accommodate it. Another way to make the candle go past the top of the pumpkin is too add a piece of foam under the candle to raise it up a couple of inches.

Place the Pumpkin on the Table:

Once the pumpkin is done, and now it is time to place the candle on the table. To add a little spice to the centerpiece, fall leaves can surround the outside of it and even include things like pinecones or cinnamon sticks.

Everyone that sits at the Thanksgiving table is going to love how this centerpiece looks especially when the candle is burning and the scent of the potpourri wafts into the room.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is full of relatives, and making an impression is what every hostess wants especially when her house is full of guests. With a centerpiece that is handmade, everyone is going to love and compliment the hostess for her talent in both cooking and arts and crafts as well.

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