Scrapbooking Ideas: Make Your Own Scrapbook with Your Personality

Scrapbooking is a great pastime for adults and children alike. You can look through all your old memories and find great photos, clips and artwork to keep for the future. There are also options to create digital scrapbooks so you can store videos too. There are companies offering scrapbooks but you can make your own and keep the costs down. Here are some great ideas.

Victorian Scrapbooks

For many families, scrapbooking was a popular activity in the Victorian era. It cost very little and was very simple to do.

This was also as photographs were starting to replace portraits, which helped to keep the costs down and make the option realistic.

Turn your scrapbook into one that looks like one from the Victorian era – you could even have a series of scrapbooks through the eras.



Turn Photos into a Wall Collage

Instead of making a traditional book, place your photos into a collage that can go onto the wall. There are companies that will print these for you but you could also make your own for less.

Choose your favourite photos – digital or traditional – and piece them together that shows off all the best parts. You can frame it, add it to a notice board or just keep it as a backdrop on your computer.

Make Your Scrapbook 3D

Use felt, foam and other items to create a 3D scrapbook. You could add layers to the photos by printing extras of certain parts or use add the foam and other items around various areas of the book.

This is great for collages and traditional style books.



Make Photo Streams

Instead of turning your photos into a collage or book, put a series of them and turn them into a stream or a banner. You could have a series from the same professional shot or multiple photos that you took of the same event.

These are also great for birthdays in the future if you decide to take the photos of your children!

Add Your Own Personality

Make your own traditional photo book – you can even buy a book – and add your own personality with your photos. If you are naturally artistic, you could add some of that in.

If you love words, add some quotes. You can also add your own colours and styles to really make it clear that it is your photo book.



Turn It into a Comic Book

There are a lot of artists who can turn your photo into a comic book style pictures. You could have a series of photos done and tell a story in a comic style.

This is a great idea for couples getting married who want people to see their story or just to have a laugh with the more comical photos over the years.

Create a Digital Artwork Masterpiece

Videos are now popular for many people since the introduction of mobile and smart phones. Add these as part of a scrapbook by creating a digital one.

It’s really easy to add photos and videos with free software, such as Windows Movie Maker, and then you can store the videos online or add them to disk to watch again and again.

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