The Best Food To Serve At A Halloween Party

Some people love Halloween so much they have a big party to celebrate the holiday. However, planning for the party can be tough especially if the hostess is not sure what foods to serve. There are plenty of food that can be made that will make for a great party and really impress the guests. Here are the 7 best party foods for that Halloween bash that are simple yet all in good fun for the special spooky party.

Green Punch With Fog:

To make a spooky punch that looks like a witches brew, packages of lime drink mix can be placed in a punch bowl. To give it the green drink a brew look, one large can of pineapple juice and one liter of ginger ale can be used.

For an extra fun surprise, dry ice can be placed in the bottom of the punch bowl, but the punch itself has to be placed in a separate bowl that sits inside of it, and as the ice melts, the fog will look like the hostess is serving something a group of witches has created.


Deviled Egg Eyeballs:

Deviled eggs are made in the traditional way, but to give the appearance of ice balls, a sliced olive can be placed in the center of the mix, and then red food coloring can be used on the white part of the egg to simulate veins.

These eyeball deviled eggs will give the party guests an evil stare before they are eaten.


Mummy Hot Dogs:

The traditional crescent rolls that are wrapped around hot dogs can be given a spooky twist when a small section of the crescent roll is separate from the rest of the roll.

A piece of dough can be wrapped around the top of the hot dogs to look like a bandaged head, and two yellow mustard dots can simulate eyes.


String Cheese Fingers:

Strips of string cheese can be taken out of the individual package, and a slice of almond placed on the end of the sticks will look like severed lady fingers.

To add to the finger look, a knife can be used to cut small slits in the center of the sticks to give the appearance of knuckle lines.


Graveyard Dirt Cups:

Chocolate pudding in a glass cups, topped with crushed cookies, and gummy worms placed on top can make it for a tasty dessert that looks like graveyard dirt.


Skeleton Cookies:

To make skeleton cookies, cookie cutters shaped like the gingerbread man can be used.

Once the cookies are done, white frosting in a tube can be used to paint the skull and create the bones on top of every cookie.


Witch Hat Cookies:

Thin mint cookies can be topped with a Hershey’s kiss to turn the cookies into witches’ hats.

To give the cookies a more hat-like appearance, frosting in a tube can be used in different colors, to go around the bottom of the kiss like a ribbon around a hat, and then tied off with a small bow.


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