How to Celebrate Baby’s First Halloween

The birth of a child is exciting because of all the firsts that the baby will have. Now that fall is here, baby will get to experience their first ever Halloween. Other than just buying a baby costume, there are ways that parents can celebrate their child’s first Halloween.

Pumpkin Carving:

Even if babies are too young to actually do the pumpkin carving, they can still be present as it is going on. The baby can be sat on the floor with newspapers next to the pumpkin while adults are carving it.

The bright orange color is sure to get baby’s attention, and parents can let little hands touch the pumpkin and get a feel for the outside of it.

The Right Costume:

Some parents dress their babies up in things like super heroes or firemen, but for baby’s first Halloween, the costume should be something more on the cute side like a bug, a farm animal, or even a dragon with a long tale.

The first Halloween is special, and the very first costume should be something that will be cute and memorable at the same time.

A Party With Other Babies:

If a party does happen, then this is the chance for parents to invite other babies to their house to have a party.

Even if the party is just parents and babies, it can still be a lot of fun with decorations and food that is Halloween-themed. Also, the parents can all get a chance to get to know one another while the babies have all the fun sitting on the floor and playing together.

Trick or Treat Bags:

Even if the party is full of babies, there can still be trick or treat bags given out.

However, instead of parents giving a bunch of candy out to babies, the bags can be filled with other fun things like rattles, pacifiers, travel size baby wipes, baby snacks, and even small jars of baby food.

Plenty of Pictures:

For the momentous occasion, parents need to remember to take plenty of pictures and videos. Even though babies are not going to remember their first Halloween, when they get older, they can see the pictures and videos from that day.

Also, the pictures and videos will be a way to preserve such a special day for the parents.

Decorating the Home:

The home is where the first Halloween party can be held, and this is the chance for parents to turn their place into a Halloween wonderland. Even if the party is for parents and babies, the home can still be decorated.

The most common decoration can be Halloween lights because the glow will get the attention of all the young party guests especially if they are in a variety of different colors.

Make It Fun Not Scary:

Because the first Halloween involves young children, the idea of it being scary should be put off until that child is much older and can appreciate it more.

Halloween is about dressing up and carving pumpkins, but the more frightening elements of this special day should be left for another time.

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