How to Make Cleaning a House a Lot of Fun

A woman may have a lot to do, and with both work and a family, sometimes the house can suffer. A woman may simply be too busy to give her house the thorough cleaning that it needs. However, instead of putting the chore off for as long as possible, there are some ways to make cleaning the house a lot of fun.

Invite friends to help:

A true test of friendship is to invite friends over to help clean a home.

Friends may understand that their friend is really busy, and a real friend will want to help out in any way they can.

A group of at least three to four friends can really help get a dirty house looking clean again.

Play music as the cleaning is done:

Cleaning in complete silence is very boring, and without any noise, the cleaning crew is going to start getting lazy or just may abandon the project all together.

To keep everyone busy, and not thinking about the fact they are cleaning, a woman can turn on the radio.

Music can do wonders, and everyone can have a lot of fun singing and dancing while they clean.

Have plenty of cleaning supplies:

A woman that is not prepared to have her house cleaned is going to have a rather unhappy group of people if she does not have all the supplies that are needed to get the job done.

A day or two before the big cleaning party, a woman needs to make a trip to the store to make sure she has everything she will need for a clean house.

Set a timer for breaks:

No one wants to clean a house for a slave driver.

To make sure everyone gets breaks, a woman can use a kitchen timer and set it for every half hour to one hour to go off.

When the bell goes off, everyone stops their cleaning and has a snack or uses the restroom, or just sits down and relaxes for 10 to 15 minutes.

Turn cleaning into a game:

To inspire everyone to be competitive, a woman can make cleaning into a contest.

Using the timer for breaks, a woman can set it for 10 minutes and see who can finish cleaning a room the fastest.

The person that clears their area in the fastest time gets an extra long break.

Offer a reward for the person that cleans the best:

The person that really does a good job at cleaning should be rewarded for their efforts.

A woman can decide ahead of time what she wants to give as a reward, but a reward has to be given because this person is sacrificing their own time to come help clean up someone else’s house.

Treat everyone to pizza after the cleaning is done:

Once the house is done, everyone that worked so hard should be treated to something special.

A woman can pay for all of her friends to eat pizza, and it will make a nice reward for the house cleaning.

Good friends are hard to come by, and friends that will clean a woman’s house are even more rare and should be appreciated for what they did.

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