The Things Party Hosts Really Hate

When you’re a guest to a party, you want to make the best impression. Even if it your friends, you don’t want to do something that they are going to hate. You may have been a party host in the past and know all this, but there are some things that hosts really hate to deal with or see. Here are some of those biggest party peeves.

Offering to Help Clean

While hosts do like help, there is a way to say this without making the host sound incompetent. Too many guests will say something like “let me help clean…” The host doesn’t think that the house needs cleaning, or it may be in the right state for the style of the party. The best thing to do is ask whether you can help with anything before the other guests arrive.

Mentioning About Changes to the Home

Again, this depends on how it is said. If the home was in the middle of renovations the last time, mentioning how good it looks now is welcomed. However, if the home has simply been tided more or the decorations are up, the host does not want to hear how great it looks compared to last time. If you want to comment on something, mention how lovely the decorations are or talk about something specific in the home.

Talking About the Cost

Too many people will say something like “you must have spent a fortune.” When it comes to money, people are often self-conscious and they don’t want their guests bringing it up. Instead of saying it to your party host, talk about how lovely it is and how you wish you’d have thought of doing something like that for your own party.

Asking About Homemade Decorations

While people may be used to making their own decorations, hearing it from the guests is not always a good thing. It can seem like a knock-off or a bad job if someone comes out and asks whether something is homemade, especially if it was actually store-bought. You could comment on how much you like it and ask where they bought it from because you would like one. If it has been homemade, the host will tell you.

A Cozy Home

By saying a home is cozy, it can mean one of two things. It is a small home, or it is warm and festive. Think about your meaning and how it comes across to the host of the party. If you want to say how warm the home is and the cozy feeling it gives, make sure you say it that way. By simply stating it’s cozy, it could come across as being tiny.

People Turning Up Early or Late

Turn up on time, or just slightly late. Turning up early can often mean you are there when the last minute clean up is happening. Of course, if you want to help, you could offer to turn up early and lend a hand—but make sure you clear it with your host first. Avoid turning up too late. Your guest is expecting you by a certain time.

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