6 Tips to Get the Housework Done With a Baby Around

The housework never seems to stop. In fact, when you have a baby there always seems to be more. You need to work around your baby’s schedule to get everything done while she’s around. Here are six tips to do just that.

Use Naptime to Your Advantage

They say that you should sleep when baby sleeps, but you know that the housework has to get done at some point. Use your baby’s naptime to your advantage and get little bits done here and there. You will find a routine develops, and you can catch up on sleep here and there too.

You could put the laundry on during the first nap and catch up on sleep while the washing machine works, and then use the next nap to get the washing up done.



Carry Your Baby Around

Sometimes you find that you need to do it while your little one is attached to you. The best way to do that is to get a carrier or sling.

That way you keep your hands free and your baby will get to feel snug and close. There is no need to spend a fortune on these devices.

While After Use

Instead of leaving the washing up for one big go, clean everything up as you use it all.

This can be annoying if you’re using one or two things at a time, but it’s perfect for when you’re cooking dinner and using a lot of pots and pans. Have a bowl of hot water and wash everything through instead of leaving them to soak.



Do It After Bedtime

Once your little one has gone to bed, don’t put your feet up. Get all the housework out of the way and then sit down with your cup of tea.

If you sit down first, you’ll really not want to get up again and the housework will just keep getting left. Doing it first will make you feel really proud and that cup of tea will definitely be worth it.

Ask Others for Some Help

Don’t be ashamed about asking for a hand now and then. Grandparents want to spend time with their grandchildren, and this could be the perfect way to get a few odds and ends done.

If you don’t want to ask them to actually help with the housework, ask them to help babysit for a while so you can get all the housework done. You’ll also get the moments you need to yourself—like a shower! How good does that feel?



Get Baby to Help

As your little one gets older, she will want to help you. Give her a few small tasks that she can get done.

It also helps her development. It could be emptying the washing machine or folding small items of clothes up after taking them out of the dryer. It will take longer to do the tasks, but isn’t it worth it when you see the proud look on her face?

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