Tips to Keep Your Writing Time to a Minimum

If you’ve decided to do some writing in your spare time to earn more money, you’ll be looking into ways to keep the time you spend at the computer to a minimum. There is a lot more that you want to get done after all. It’s all about working efficiently. Here are six tips to keep your writing time to a minimum.

Have a Book of Ideas

You don’t want to have to think about your topic before you start writing. You want to get straight into the researching of it. Even better, you want to get right into writing.

The best way of doing that is to have a book of ideas. You could call it an idea bank. When it comes to writing, you just look at your list and pick the idea that you want to do on the day.


Store Your Research

There are chances that you will use the same research for a few topics.

Instead of having to go back through the web links and finding the piece that you really needed, keep your research stored somewhere useful. You could just have all the links in a document, but you could also have different notebooks with the information stored right there so you can quickly grab and read.

Plan Your Pieces

Having a title idea isn’t always enough. You may look at the title and wonder what you were thinking at the time. It’s worth planning out pieces when you have the time.

Put an idea of the type of information you will include, and any quotes that you want to use throughout. It could also be worth having photos ready to just add in when it comes to writing. The more planning you do beforehand, the easier it will be just to write.


Keep It to One Subject

If you start whittling on about something, you’ll soon find your writing time increases.

Keep your writing time to a minimum by sticking to just one subject within a piece. This is also better for your audience, since people know your title tells them exactly what your piece is going to cover. There is nothing worse than being led off on a tangent for no reason.

Work on a Roll

Sometimes writing will flow easier than at other times. When you find you’re on a roll, work with it.

Focus on the next piece to write and then move onto the next one. Only stop if you really need to or you can’t push your other plans onto a different day.


Write at a Time that Suits You

You will find certain times of the day are better for writing than others. You may find the morning is just right, or belief the evening is your optimum performance time.

Work with the way your brain and body works. If you prefer the morning stints and find yourself more productive, get up earlier and get through your day!

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