7 Best Baby Eczema Remedies

With new babies come all forms of joy for parents with a dose of stress and trouble. As new parents, you might also be concerned about every minor detail and you want to make sure that your baby grows to be healthy and prevent as many health problems in the future as possible. Many babies suffer from eczema, however the good news is that baby eczema can be prevented and easily treated and does not necessarily mean your baby will suffer from this condition when she or he grows up. Here are seven ways you can help prevent and control baby eczema.

Dust-free rooms

Make sure the house in generally and especially the baby’s room is free of dust, as dust can be a powerful eczema trigger.

Try to use unscented and hypoallergenic cleaning products, as scents and chemicals added to detergents can be very harmful for the baby’s skin and health in general.



Avoid water and soap

Babies especially at a young age are not very active and they don’t get very dirty, which means that they do not need to bathed every day.

As long as you make sure the area covered by diapers is well cleaned, you can reduce bathing for your babies to three or four times a week.

Water and soap can irritate their soft skin and cause them eczema and dry spots and reducing bath times can help reduce this problem.

Hypoallergenic and unscented laundry detergents

Regular detergents and non-cotton clothing are often an irritant and can cause your child to develop eczema.

Try using hypoallergenic laundry detergent and stick to cotton clothing, especially that these items are often rubbing against your child’s skin and can irritate it.



Organic Coconut oil

Use organic pure coconut oil as a remedy for babies’ eczema.

It has great moisturizing abilities, which will keep the baby’s skin hydrated and smooth and hence reduces the chances of getting eczema as well as treat any existing spots or dry skin.

You can also use hypoallergenic oil moisturizer to keep the skin moist.

Avoid processed food

Once over six months old, you will start introducing solid food to your baby.

Try as much as possible to avoid all kinds of processed foods and stick to homemade mushy vegetables or if you must buy prepackaged food, try to get organic foods and foods that do not contain any added chemicals.



Remove any irritants

Anything from baby’s drool to dried food can irritate their gentle skin. Make sure to gently wipe their faces and keep their skin clear from all kind of irritants.

Furthermore, keep them away from polyester and wool products and stick to cotton for blanket, bed sheets and receiving blankets.

Mild sun exposure

With much caution, exposing your baby’s soft skin to the sun for a very small period of time can be very helpful to treat eczema and prevent its occurrence, as it acts as light therapy.

However, be careful not to burn the baby’s skin with sun exposure.

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