Baby Name Tips: How to Choose Your Baby’s Name

You’re little bundle of joy is on its way. You may already know the sex but many parents still choose to keep it a surprise. Whatever you decide to do, you will still need to make the decision on baby names. Struggling to come up with ideas or settle on a name? Here are some tips for helping you choose.

Traditional or Different?

You need to decide whether you want a traditional name or something completely different. You could opt for a traditional sounding name but spelt differently.

Consider switching and ‘i’ for a ‘y’ or an ‘s’ for a ‘z’. Never worry about what others think; choose a name that you enjoy listening to and saying.

Choosing from the Family Tree

You could opt for a name from the family tree although this isn’t a necessity. If your family has a tradition, consider adding a middle name if you really want to keep that going.

Your child can have two middle names if you’re struggling to decide on which side of the family to choose from or you really want another name in there.

Use Your Maiden Name in There

If you married and took your husband’s surname, you may worry about your maiden name dying out. You could opt for adding this as a middle name for a child.

This is a great way to keep it going temporarily for a later generation to trace your side of the family. This is also a great option if your surname means something important to you.

Pick a Name You Love from TV or a Movie

Maybe it is an actress or actor, or maybe a character in your favourite TV show. Choosing a name from the TV is a great way to name your baby.

However, you need to think about how the name will be taken in the future. You also need to think about what your child will think after learning he or she was named after a character!

Think About the Initials

Before settling on a full name, think about the initials. Do they spell anything? Children can be mean and if they work out the initials, they can come up with horrible nicknames based on them.

The most common is if you have a middle name with a vowel. Spell it out and think as children do.

Can It Rhyme Into Anything Mean?

Remember that children are mean and another way of teasing is to create a rhyme or find another word that rhymes with the name or nickname.

For example, Melinda can be shortened to Meli, which can lead to “smelly Meli”.

Pick a Name with a Meaning

Find a name that has a meaning that you cherish. For example, your baby may have been a miracle and you want to celebrate that with a word that means miracle in another language.

Parents are opting for names like “Nevaeh” which is heaven spelt backwards. You can have the unique name that is something important for you as a family at the same time.

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