You Can Multitask with These Simple Tips

All women can multitask—at least that’s what most people, especially men, tend to think. The truth is that not all women can multitask but it is definitely a good skill to have. Here are some tips to help you manage more than one thing at once, whether at the office or in the home.

Make a List

List all the things that you need to do. This helps you seen how much you have to get done through the day, manage your time and find the tasks that work together well.

A list also gives you something tangible so you can cross a task off once its complete and add to it if something new comes up. It’s worth doing a list every day to start off so everything gets done.



Find the Tasks that Go Together

Look at your tasks and see the ones that go together well. For example, you may have to send a few emails to different people. They can happen at the same time (as long as you make sure the right email goes to the right person!).

You may have printing and scanning to do—they can be done one after the other or at the same time if you have two machines next to each other. Working on tasks that complement each other help to do them together.

Set a Time for Each One

When you have a lot of different projects set a timer to work on one thing at once and then the next. Once the timer goes off, you move onto the next task, even if the first one isn’t quite finished.

You can go back to it afterwards in a cycle. It will allow you to remain updated with each task and get reports out to the different departments in the office.



Do Something While You Wait for Something Else

If you’re doing the laundry, you’ll need to wait for the washing machine so find something else on your list to do.

If you’re waiting for someone to respond to you at work, don’t wait at your desk and check Facebook; find something else that needs to be done. You’ll start multitasking without even realising!

Don’t Do Too Much At Once

It is possible that you’re trying to take on too much at the same time. You’re only human and you can only do so much at the same time.

Know when you’ve reached your limit and explain that the next task will have to wait – your you’ll need an extension on something you’re working on right now.



Know When to Stop

Like knowing when you’re doing too much, you need to know when to stop. You still deserve a break while multitasking.

Put your feet up and have a cup of tea or take a walk outside for some fresh air.


Choose Tasks that Can be Interrupted

When starting learning to multitask, choose the tasks that can be interrupted. These could be the dishes, the cleaning or even a long term project.

This will help you develop the skills and get used to being more efficient at it.

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