Every parent does their best at raising their children. As a parent you try to instill the values in which you grew up with. Sometimes things happen to change your family and how you look at different situations. Building a Trusting Relationship As you raise your children you want toRead More →

You want the best for your children but they all develop differently. Self-esteem can be a major problem when it comes to socialising and doing their best and it happens for all types of reasons. The good news is your child doesn’t have to suffer alone. There are some thingsRead More →

Puberty is fraught with a number of changes for your daughter, but none is so life-changing than her first period. While you might be hesitant to discuss menstruation with your daughter, the more she knows about it, the less traumatic it will be for her. Helping her through this eventRead More →

As your daughter approaches middle school, there can be a lot of changes that affect you both. She is maturing, her body is changing, and starting middle school will present a whole new set of challenges. However, there are several things that you can do to help her ease intoRead More →