How To Have Fun Indoors During The Wintertime

Some parts of the United States have really hard winters with freezing cold temperatures and so much snow that kids cannot go outside to play. However, a lot of snow and ice does not mean that children will be bored with nothing to do. There are 7 indoor activities that families can do together to keep themselves entertained when the weather is too cold to play outside.

Baking cookies:

A cold winter day is the perfect time to break out the cookbooks and cookie sheets. One of the most popular cookies to bake that can be a family affair is sugar cookies and chocolate chip.

The whole family can be involved in either the sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookie process, and the end result is a nice warm and delicious baked treat once all of the work is done.


Board games:

Families can break out the board games and set them up on the kitchen table. Now that the cookies have been baked, they will make the perfect game snack as the family plays popular board games.

The most popular board game for families to play together is Monopoly, and millions of board games are bought every year.

Jigsaw puzzle:

A big 500 to 1000 piece puzzle can be put on the kitchen table and everyone in the family can help put it together.

A huge puzzle may seem like a challenge, but it can be a really fun project for everyone, and if all members of the family work together, the puzzle can be done in a matter of hours.


Movie watching:

At least once a week, some families love to have a movie night where a member of the family picks a movie that everyone watches. When the weather is snow and ice, the best way for families to keep from getting bored is to take turns picking different movies to watch.

To make the night even more fun, families can order pizza and just kick back and snuggle up with blankets while watching their favorite movies.

Arts and crafts:

Another indoor fun activity is to sit down and do arts and crafts. This is the best time to make popsicle birdhouses or even sock puppets that can be decorated any way the family wants.

Once the arts and crafts are done then it is time for everyone to put on a puppet show play using a stage made of popsicle sticks or even one just made out of a cut out cardboard box.


Hide and Seek:

Hide and Seek is a game usually played normally by kids, but it can be extra fun when the adults join in the fun.

A house can be turned into a big playground, and the family members can find all kinds of creative places to hide.

Carpet picnic:

When it comes time for lunch or dinner, instead of having it at the table, now is the time to have an indoor carpet picnic complete with big blanket spread out on the floor.

Dinner has never been so much fun when it is eaten while the whole family is sitting on a blanket in the middle of the living room floor.

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