The Top 7 Reasons To Get Married In the Winter

When women are planning their wedding days, they often think of getting married in the spring or summer when the weather is nice and warm. However, snow falling outside should not stop a woman from getting married because the white snow can make for a truly beautiful wedding. Here are the 7 best reasons why a woman should consider having her dream wedding in the winter.

The food can be better:

Typically, the bride and groom will choose things like chicken for their wedding, but with a wedding in the winter, the food can be a lot better and more exciting than chicken.

Some couples choose things like pork and steak for their wedding meal, and everyone will love having something different at the wedding reception.



The decorations can be simpler:

When a wedding is in the spring, women tend to use a lot of lavish decorations that put color everywhere and those decorations can be quite expensive.

With a winter wedding, the couple can choose a more minimalist wedding with fewer decorations. By using only a few wedding decorations, the bride and groom can have more money to spend on their honeymoon.

There are more wardrobe options:

With a wedding in the spring or summer, certain materials cannot be used simply because it is way too hot outside.

A wedding in the wintertime can mean dresses with fur trimming or made from thicker and heavier material that will help keep the bride and her wedding party warm especially if the ceremony is outdoors.



A less expensive way to get married:

Winter is not known to be a typical time of year to get married, so people like caterers and photographers can offer the bride and groom big discounts on their services.

Weddings can cost thousands of dollars, but a winter wedding can cost as much as 50 percent left simply because it is taking place in what is known as the off seasons for weddings.

People will be available to come:

A wedding in the summer means that people are going to be out of town on their summer vacations.

By having the wedding during the winter, everyone will be home and available to come to the wedding.



Winter pictures are more fun:

With the snow, the photos for the reception will be the most amazing ever because the sun will not cause people to be blinded by the bright light.

The weather may be cold, but people will not be uncomfortable in their wedding outfit, and there will be no heat to make makeup melt and run.

More access to different items:

Sometimes brides want certain things at their wedding, but if it is the wrong time of year, special flowers might not be available.

A wedding in the winter can mean that the bride can have that special kind of flower or venue that she might not have the option of using in the spring or summer months.

Wedding days are special, and brides should be able to have anything they want on one of the most important moments of their lives.

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