Simple Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s getting to the point where schools are finishing for Christmas. If your child hasn’t gotten their teachers a gift yet, you may be on that last minute panic. Even if it isn’t Christmas, there are other gifts that you need to consider, including leaving presents and thank you gifts. Here are some simple ideas that won’t cost a fortune.

A Personalised Card from the Children

As your children to create a card that informs the teacher of their favourite things from class. It could be the way the teacher delivered the lessons, or specific subjects that were taught. It could even be about the teacher personally. These mean that your children have to think about something, and are more likely to come from the heart. All you need is a piece of card and some coloured pens to create this lovely gift.

The Child’s Favourite Book

Most teachers already have a number of books sitting on the shelves. There are children who want to read them, and the teacher may need them for some of the lessons. You could buy your child’s favourite book as a gift to the teacher to add to that collection. You will need to find out what happens to the books though once the teacher moves on—and whether the books are available for children to borrow and be used (or if they’re ever even needed!).

Hand Cream or Moisturising Cream

Teachers tend to have dry and cracked skin. They spend time outside while watching the children playing and then have to mark papers. Hand lotion and moisturising creams are excellent gifts for the teacher. You could go out and buy some with beautiful fragrances or make your own to keep the costs down. The choice really is up to you.

Personalised Plaques and Messages

Consider creating a plaque with a personalised message. Like the card, this is something that your children will need to think about and it means it comes from the heart. There are places that will print them out for you, or you can do it on a piece of card and frame it if you’re really on a tight budget. Consider all your options. If you’re going to order it in, think about the time it will take to receive it.

A Gift to Remember Something Special

Children remember the strangest of things. They could remember a joke that the teacher told, or a specific lesson. Things stand out and it’s important for children to get the chance to say thank you for that. Organise a present that represents that special thing that stands out, no matter how strange it may seem to you. It will definitely put a smile on the teacher’s face.

Something for the Desk

Many teachers are allowed to have a few personal items on the desk. If not, they will decorate the classroom or have things up in their homes. Buy something that will work perfectly for the desk—or even a mug that she can drink from!

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